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I bought a like-new NEOS this winter for $200 and my son loves it. The trigger isn't really target grade but it's passable for an entry-level target gun. It'll be awhile before my son will be able to outshoot the NEOS.

For $169, I'd grab that pistol. :t
DITTO.... My NIB NEOS 6" was considerably... Been looking for a 4 1/2 " version for a while now... Trigger is not HORRIBLE. but it would benefit from some work I just got mine back from factory service.. Of the 500 or so rounds I have fired in it, the trigger failed to reset a couple dozen time. The work order that was in the box upon return said they de-burred the trigger bar and sear. At the range this afternoon I put 5 mags thru it just to test functionality. Everything seems to be working better...
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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