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neos is one sweet pistol

i got my 6" at academy sports for 229. new, all black finish. i added an ncstar red dot sight and it is my favorite 22 pistol. ran perfect out of the box, gets better with more rounds down the tube, 100% reliable,trigger pull nice, improving with every trip to the range, VERY accurate. i added the DLX black/grey grips from baretta, they feel better with the tacky grey inserts and are on special from baretta for 33.00. i also own a S and W 22a and a gsg 1911, but for overall satisfaction the neos is numbe ONE. i am considring getting a 4.5" barrel for something different, they are around 90.00 at gander. easy to swap out too. i was considering another barrel for my 22A, i have the seldom seen 7", but the smith website is the only place i can find them and they are right at 200.00!! a new 22A is only 230.-250.:bthumb::bthumb:
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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