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Upgrades for the Ruger 77/xx

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I have a Ruger 77/12 and 77/22mag. Is the Volquartsen drop in sear all I need to upgrade the trigger or is there other things to upgrade it with, Its a bolt action so there really isnt much there to upgrade that I can see.
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Frag Magnet. a trigger job is a good place to start, I have three 77s. a Mag, a Hummer and a Hornet. After getting the triggers right and experimenting with a bunch of ammo to find something they like, all of them shoot very well. My guns are used for hunting and casual target shooting and shoot plenty good enough for that purpose. Now if you plan on getting into serious target shooting or are just a plain accuracy nut and you are trying to wring out the very best accuracy possible, the stuff that CPC does will get the most out of your Ruger.
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