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Consider the great Jeff Cooper. One of his basic rules was,"Don't point a gun at anything you do not mean to kill or destroy!"

This idea of bird shot to the face can an will get you killed! Some druggie on dope will not even feel the pain! He will take your weapon and use it against you!

I use the double tap method, taught by Cooper! Two quick rounds to the chest should take the fight out of anyone! But I am ready to follow up should the circumstances require!

I don't think it would be "fun"! Taking a life is serious! When the perp is lying on the floor with two sucking chest wounds! He should listen closely! That is natures way of telling him to look for another line of work!

I also use .45, Glock 36 and Smith & Wesson 1911 Sc! My wife uses a Model 36 Glock!

I have a Remington 870, 18 inch barrel, as a house gun, with five rounds of #4 buckshot!

If it gets really bad, I can break out the AR-15 with five, 30 round mags!

And when I am testifying in court, I will not say I shot to kill! I will say I fired to eliminate the threat! And you will most likely be in court! Someone is going to sue you and they may even win! Depends on the jury! Some family member will say you violated Leroy's civil rights! He tripped and fell though your front door, and you killed him! He was only 15 years old! And that sharp knife in his hand was put there by you and/or the Police! Little Leroy was just a poor misunderstood child! He never commited all those other robberys the police said he did! He was just playing trick or treat and thats why he had the stocking over his face! More than likely your homeowners insurance company will settle the case out of court. Maybe for less than the limits of your liability insurance! Anything over the limit must be paid by you!

Serious business, using a gun to defend yourself! You must have the mindset to use a gun! If you think you may not be able to pull the trigger! Get a good baseball bat!

Just some food for thought!
1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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