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universal firearms scope

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here is another one for you.
anybody ever heard anything about universal firearms corporation scopes? after losing my bid on a different scope for my 10/22 plinker i am going with the backup plan with is a 4x32mm scope produced by universal firearms corporation. i found it at an antique shop for a whole 20$ and the optics on it look very clean and there are very few marks on the body at all. the weaver mounts formarly used are still in place so there may be marks under those. it says it was made in japan and is nitrogen filled with fully coated lenses. and that is all i know. no serial number to be found and so i turn to the knowledge pool here for any thoughts.
thanks for any input
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I did not know UFC ever made scopes. Learn something new every day.

I was barely familiar with their line of centerfire carbines and that little .30 cal., 30-shot pistol the 'Enforcer.'

I did look in a couple of old catalogs last night, but there were no UFC scopes to be seen.

At that price you might just get really lucky.

Back in the 60's & 70's there were many budget-priced japanese scopes imported & sold under house names (Gibsons, Wards, Western Auto, etc) in the $25-$30 range. Universal was one of these. I'm not knocking it - I still have several of the old cheap Jap scopes & some of them are excellent. Enjoy it!
thanks claybuster

like i said it is only for my plinker so if it helps me hit a (guess) clay target at 100-150 ft then it is good enough for me. thanks for the info though i had no good clue about the origin of the scope. and hey for 20$ it is still cheaper than a new cheap china scope so...
Quite a few years ago I had a Universal 4x scope on my .22 and was happy enough with it for it's intended uses. I changed to a variable some time back and don't have the Universal any longer. It seemed okay.
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