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Unertl Scopes

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I have a sweet 513T that I would like to scope. Of course we're talking about an older Unertl or Lyman here, anybody have a line on a stockpile of them? Thanks
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I've seen several on E-bay, but bend over...they don't come cheap! Anywhere from 500.00 to 700.00 for a Unertal, the Lymans are a lil' cheaper
I custom built a scope mount for my 513T.

I took a Weaver base, #63B, it was a flat bottom for a Marlin Lever action I think. Drilled a couple of extra holes to match the rear set in the barrel and put one dead center right at the front of the ejection port and installed a pin there for a recoil stop. I also used J.B. Weld to mold a curved base area around the mounting holes. It actually works real good for a "field base" but I haven't had time to see if it's solid enough for real target usage. I'm thinking it probably is, or maybe not. Good enough to win a turkey at the local gunclub, but maybe not good enough for real benchrest stuff. I have a 6-24 Tasco Target scope I use.

I might have some crappy pics if you're intrested, or maybe I can take some different ones this weekend.

I should have added that this base is deep enough that you can use the open sights with the scope removed but the base in place. This is normally what I do.
They are good scopes


I'm familiar with them, my brother in law has a nice 10x Unertl with Posa mounts on his Winchester 52. I'm still looking for one, but I have a new "Baby" now, a Ruger 77/.17 heavy barrel. No problem finding a good scope for it! I was down at Champion shooter's supply in New Albany Ohio the other day. The owner there is a rimfire shooting expert. Man does he have a big collection of Anschutz rifles! He says he gets Unertls in from time to time, but they go out the door as fast as they come in. Thanks for the post!

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