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two questions

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:D can you mix and match blue actions and SS bbls and vice versa ? and I was ready to butcher my old carbine stock and when I dug the box out and got to it I found it had the Ruger BIRD like lazer cut into the side of the buttstock not checkering on the wrist ,but a stippled checkering on the fore end? was this anything spl.? a certain yr. for some reason? :confused: --Jim--
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Yes you can mix and match blue and SS actions (receivers) and barrels.
Pictures would help. I would have thought just a deluxe stock, but the emblem on the side might make it something else...
I would like to see some pictures. It would more then likely done after it left the factory.
Ruger Bird stock?

not the greatest pics, ....The Number on the box ser. # 233 76723 --
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Looks factory to me, I would leave it that way.
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