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Two Lefty Ultimates

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I just completed my first two ultimates together. Both use Ruger receivers, but that's the only stock parts on the guns. The one on top has a Boyd's blaster LH stock in camo bedded with the VQ bedding kit. It is a .22, using a Hornet Products custom bolt with Volquartsen handle. It has a Hornet custom trigger, buffer, and a Butler Creek fluted, compensated stainless barrel. Optics are a Bushnell Trophy 6-18 stock mounted with Beeman 2pc. high rings.

The other ultimate is in .17 HM2 mounted in a left handed Boyd's Jacaranda thumbhole stock bedded with the VQ bedding kit. It also has a Volquartsen HM2 bolt, Volquartsen TG2000 trigger group, VQ .17HM2 black carbon fiber barrel with compensator, VQ buffer, B-Square high mounts, and a Swift Premier 6-24X scope. I need to be able to see those .17 caliber holes at 100 yards so that's the reason for the Swift 24X scope.

Our local gun club's range has been closed for renovations so I'll give a report on the performance of these two after I get to break them in. I just hope they shoot as good as they look.

I would like to give recommendations and thanks to the following companies for providing excellent service and supplying the components for this project:

Hornet Products, Stafford Sales, Rimfire Sports & Custom, Volquartsen, Heddonpal, and Etruscan Gold.

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crossfire said:
all i can say is SWEET


Remember, you have to ask for pictures also since they aren't here ( or did I just not wait long enough for them to load...)
Now that's weird. I went back and refreshed the screen a couple times to see if a picture appeared...it didn't. Yet when I clicked on "quote", there is an IMG line at the end of the post. Is it the link that's not working or my computer???
helmethair78 said:
very nice!!! :D

Thanks for fixing the link. Those are beautiful!
.17 Mach2 exceeded my expectations

Today I got to test the HM2, which is the bottom one in the photo. To say I am pleased with it would be an understatement. I got to shoot one box of CCI ammo through it before the sky opened up and rained like a monsoon. It rained over 2" in an hour at the range. Given that this was a brand new setup I just wanted everything to function properly. I had no jams, cycling problems, or anything else to cause concern. The best news of all is that I got some incredibly small groups at 50 yards. Once the scope was dialed in after just a few shots it was giving half inch groups or better on every five shots I took. One group was a ragged hole of no more than .2 inches. I can't wait to go back and try this HM2 out at 100 yards. I have never had a rimfire that approached this gun's performance. Given the components, it should perform well, and it does. I'm happy to be able to say that this one does shoot as good as it looks. There is a small dent forming in the back of the receiver ejection port where the bolt handle is slamming into the back of the cutout. I am using a VQ heavy bolt with a VQ clear buffer without a reinforcing pin in the middle. I need to get a Ruger metal buffer pin to stop this. I guess the next step is to file the ejection port a little more to compensate for the extra power of this caliber.
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