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Turkey hunting?

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This morning I was turkey hunting and had located a gobbler on the roost. I slipped in one him and set out a hen and a jake decoy. I had picked a tree to sit under before placing my decoys, but was unable to get to it because I realized that I had gotten too close to the gobbler. So I ended up sitting under a tree that put my decoys about 8-10 yards to my left (not exactly what I had in mind). As luck would have it the gobbler flew down and walked off. Didn't like my turkey talk! About 30 minutes after sunrise, I heard a group of hens to my left about 60 to 70 yards still on the roost getting excited. I figured that they were about to fly down, so I began scanning the ground underneath the trees which has quite a few cedars mixed in. I saw some movement about 40 yards to my left that turned out to be two coyotes. The were sniffing around and headed my way. I figured that my turkey hunting was over for the day, so I decided that I'd try to shoot one or both yotes if possible. One of them trotted right in front of me at about 15 yards. I was unable to swing on him because a sappling in front of me. I turn to look at the other one just in time to see him pause momentarily. In an instant the yote dropped it's head and bolted right toward me. I was camo'd up in "leafy flage". The yote nailed my hen decoy which was right on line with me and the yote. After knocking the decoy almost to where I was sitting, I think the yote saw me and made a hard right to go behind me. I wasn't even able to shoulder my gun all the way before I shot. I hit the yote at less than 5 yards rolling him over. He jumped right up and started yelping like a hurt dog and spinning around like he was chasing his tail. It move away about 15 yards before I could shoot it in the head. My first shot had basically blown his jaw off (3" 2 ounce #6 turkey load). I know this reads like a book, but I can not get over how fast this all happened. Once the yote locked on to that decoy, it was over quick. I know that a yote would not normally attack a human, but I believe had it wanted a chunk of me, it would have got it.