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Scott is like Ski: They give targets away. Good recruiters, eh?
25 yard outdoor
248 11x Bart England. Tulsa, Oklahoma
Anschutz 54 Leupold with Premier lens 18x40. Wolf M.T.
Time Precision tuner. A silhouette shooter, shot his first target off
wood blocks, in a hurry, wind swirling cost him 2 points.

247 10x Scott Cook Tulsa Oklahoma (bullfrog)
Ruger 10/22. Weaver T 36.
Titan barrel, Martin custom trigger, bedding
Swirling winds cost one point coming from the side, and two points when
the wind in my face climbed to the 8 ring.

245-9x Scott Cook Tulsa Oklahoma ( bullfrog)
Walther UIT Match. Simmons 8x32 scope. Wolf MT
The front bag of my rest wouldn't fit the forend. Next month
this devoted Click Clacker May begin shooting a bolt first.

I've given so many targets away to new shooters I've got to order more. If
Bart England will shoot these targets more, he's going to be way up there.
Bolt head or not he's a shooter this was not a good target for him: And
his regular shooting buddy didn't bring his .22 with him, he does have targets
for next month.
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