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TRP3 Price check

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While looking for a .22 sporter I ran across a new old stock Cooper 57m TRP3 for $2,000. It has the green composite/synthetic stock and stainless bull barrel. The shop has had it for a while and is looking to move it. It has been on display and handled but still looks close to new. I like to shoot paper with my .22’s but do not have a pure benchrest gun. Is that a good price or has anyone else seen these being discounted? I do not see that model on the website. Any feedback on that exact model would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Given what Coopers are going for these days that price may be considered reasonable, if 1) it is in fact like new, and 2) it has a wood stock that is better than a "plain jane". If the stock is well above average -- color and figure -- I would definitely consider it a reasonable price. In any case, pics would help. And if the dealer is hot to move it, you may be able to do a bit better.

I just added a pic of the model to my original thread.
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