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Trimag problems--or is it the action?

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I've been using a Trimag set-up for a couple of months, and I've consistently had failure-to-feed problems with it.

I wasn't sure if the problem was the weight of the Trimag, or one or more of the individual mags, so I took the Trimag off and shot the mags separately--no FTFs!

So, what I'm wondering is: is this a common problem with the Trimag, or is the mag retainer in my action gunnybagged? The action is a '92, and has seen hundreds of bricks of ammo, so wear is a consideration.
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if the standard / single rotary magazine works but then it wont work when clampped in the tri mag...
... wait a minute what stock are you using? is the trimag being prevented from seating fully due to stock interference?

just bought a tri-mag myself and have not tried it yet but I could see some stocks being cut a little too deep maybe :confused:
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