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Trimag problems--or is it the action?

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I've been using a Trimag set-up for a couple of months, and I've consistently had failure-to-feed problems with it.

I wasn't sure if the problem was the weight of the Trimag, or one or more of the individual mags, so I took the Trimag off and shot the mags separately--no FTFs!

So, what I'm wondering is: is this a common problem with the Trimag, or is the mag retainer in my action gunnybagged? The action is a '92, and has seen hundreds of bricks of ammo, so wear is a consideration.
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This is the first time I've heard of someone having a problem which leads me to believe it is something other than the trimag. Like said above, try the mag retention spring (or whatever it's actually called). Although 3 magazine are heavier than 1, that should not make a difference. It might, however, point out when the action isn't holding mags like it's supposed to.

In other words, maybe your gun isn't holding mags in the correct position (or loosely) and it is only apparent when the extra weight is attached.
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