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Trimag problems--or is it the action?

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I've been using a Trimag set-up for a couple of months, and I've consistently had failure-to-feed problems with it.

I wasn't sure if the problem was the weight of the Trimag, or one or more of the individual mags, so I took the Trimag off and shot the mags separately--no FTFs!

So, what I'm wondering is: is this a common problem with the Trimag, or is the mag retainer in my action gunnybagged? The action is a '92, and has seen hundreds of bricks of ammo, so wear is a consideration.
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I just started to have a problem with mine and I just popped in a single mag and fixed the problem. I have not looked into the reason and it is weird since it worked fine the other times I tried it.
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Strange. I marked the three mags so I could identify which were giving me problems, and it was all three, pretty much equally. I have one brand new mag and two ten+ year old mags, and all were having problems.

It seems the extra weight of the other two mags was the problem--'though this action has no problems with the BX25--which is why I was wondering if I need to replace the mag retaining plunger.

Too bad. I liked the convenience of the Trimag, and it's short enough to use in my benchrest--which the BX25 is not.
Never had a problem with the Tri-mags? I am assuming you have disassembled and thoroughly cleaned all three magazines? You may try pulling your your mag retention plunger spring longer to provide a little more tension for the short term to see if that changes anything. Has anything else on the rifle change? Ammo, Mag release, polished anything etc?
This is the first time I've heard of someone having a problem which leads me to believe it is something other than the trimag. Like said above, try the mag retention spring (or whatever it's actually called). Although 3 magazine are heavier than 1, that should not make a difference. It might, however, point out when the action isn't holding mags like it's supposed to.

In other words, maybe your gun isn't holding mags in the correct position (or loosely) and it is only apparent when the extra weight is attached.
if the standard / single rotary magazine works but then it wont work when clampped in the tri mag...
... wait a minute what stock are you using? is the trimag being prevented from seating fully due to stock interference?

just bought a tri-mag myself and have not tried it yet but I could see some stocks being cut a little too deep maybe :confused:
First I've heard of this. I've not had a problem shooting with my trimag in the last year.
I have two trimags. I have not had any issues when using them.
I have 5 Tri-Mags and 4 different 10/22's and have never had a problem. Check to see if the stock is not letting it seat properly!
Three tri-mags here, no problems. I make sure I hear the mag 'click' into place and can see it is fully seated.
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