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Trigger return necessary?

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New here, howdy.

With all this harping on a ballpoint pen trick to lighten trigger pull and still keep trigger return, I tried it.

It works, but is nothing compared to having no trigger return spring at all.

So my question is, considering I rarely shoot as fast as I can, unless I'm being chased by a rabid rabbit, is it safe to leave this spring out and return the trigger to its initial position manually via a small lever glued to the trigger to shove foward with my finger after I fire a shot?

I would think the trigger pull savings might make this interesting for other folks too, if it is safe.

And what's up with the search function, I tried searching for this but its been disabled.

Thank ya'll.
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I have tried this, and I find that I can use solder to temporarily affix a chunk of stiff wire to the flat part of the trigger exposed at the top of the trigger guard, and that that resets it handily.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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