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Trigger return necessary?

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New here, howdy.

With all this harping on a ballpoint pen trick to lighten trigger pull and still keep trigger return, I tried it.

It works, but is nothing compared to having no trigger return spring at all.

So my question is, considering I rarely shoot as fast as I can, unless I'm being chased by a rabid rabbit, is it safe to leave this spring out and return the trigger to its initial position manually via a small lever glued to the trigger to shove foward with my finger after I fire a shot?

I would think the trigger pull savings might make this interesting for other folks too, if it is safe.

And what's up with the search function, I tried searching for this but its been disabled.

Thank ya'll.
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I am the furthest from an expert, but here are some things to think about.

I have done the pen trick, and have found the savings to be a positive gain in improved trigger. To some degree you either have to be satisfied, or you have to look for another option. I think if you get a better trigger, you would be better served by stepping up to the next level (VQ-Kidd) which will offer you a lot more. It will have a nicer trigger, overtravel stop, virtually no pretravel, very light pull, and it will be smoother overall. There is only so much a modified Ruger can give you.

I once thought about this, but the whole beauty of a semi-automatic is that you the shooter don't need to do anything inbetween shots. Just pull the trigger and it auto loads. To me, having to set the trigger like that over and over would be a manual step that would defeat the purpose of an auto. When I think of shooting, in the method that you describe, a bolt action seems so much more appropriate.

If you are at the point where you need to remove the return spring entirely to get a better trigger, then you are well under the 3lb range and that is questionable by many in regaurds to hunting safety.

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