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trigger problems

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I did a few kitchen table mods on my one of my 10/22's. Now it fails to fire sometimes. I think I've narrowed the problem down to the trigger plunger spring. I replaced it with a reduced power Wolff spring. I don't have the original any longer. The other mod I did was switch out the mag release so I know that probably isn't the problem. What's happening is every once in a while, I'll pull the trigger and nothing happens ie; the hammer won't drop, no click, no bang, nada. Then by pressing slightly up on the trigger, toward the top of the trigger group, it finally releases. Has anyone else experienced this, or did I screw up the hammer/sear engagement when I took it apart. I've had it apart several times since I've started having this problem and I don't see or feel any rough edges on the hammer or sear. Not sure what is going on.
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Probably the spring behind the trigger.Too weak to reset the thing.Check for any binding,but still think it's the return spring.Slow
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