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Trigger mods for the Benchmark

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I have recently gotten into the world of rimfire shooting and just have bought a T/C Classic Benchmark. My question is, is there any way to modify the trigger on this rifle for a lighter pull or to get it to break crisper?
Or, if there isn't a way to modify it, is there an aftermarket trigger that I could install?

Thanks in Advance
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You have several options:

1.ttshooter is a sponsor here and has a great rep for trigger work here. Go to home page and scroll down to sponsors ads and click on his ad.

2. Jard will soon have a trigger fix for this gun. Not ready yet but supposed to soon.

3. Go back to the earliest threads in this forum and do a search there was a couple threads about do it yourself trigger jobs.

My Classic came with a very nice trigger but when I decide to get it tuned I think it will be on it's way to ttshooter.
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