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Toz 17

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Does anybody have any information on these Russian guns? I know of one for sale for about $150.00 Canadian. I would have to buy it sight unseen, but it is supposed to be in good shape. By the description of the rifle it sounds like an old model my brother shoots. Bolt action with a magazine. Shcnable (sp?) forend and a thicker portion on the end of the barrel. Are they accurate? How would they rate against a Brno # 1? Do they have any specific quirks or problems? Thanks guys.
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Got a Toz 17-1 = Good little Sporter

I paid 130$ US for mine, Very nice wood and finish with a Bakalite butttplate marked "Bikal". Sporter weight 22" barrel and good rear sights - front sight is a hooded ramp. The trigger is 'gritty' but once you choke it, the letoff is crisp. Spare magazines are a problem in the States - got one from a Canaadian source.
I put a Millette red dot scope on mine and a sling = good little field
gun, light and fast.:D :t
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