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Tough as Nails mount

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I found this mount system while looking for opions to the standard mounts, US Armament str tactical mount combo for 10/22 www.usarmament.com
I've heard alot about burris signature rings & how they are great for adjusting for long range but this looks great.
need some opions to tip me over the edge, any comments
measurements are in a previous thread
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When I went there and looked, the first picture of Ruger base and rings looked like something that raised my eyebrows. Several months ago, someone came on the site talking about a new unit they were introducing, and I thought they looked great, but several people came on line and almost caused an electronic fistfight. Apparently some problems of the past were never taken care of and the guy has a terrible reputation. I Don't think this is the same NAME... but the unit looks EXACTLY the same. Maybe someone will take a look and know what I'm talking about. I think the original trouble was an aftermarket military type receiver or something.

I'm making NO judgement here, and that mounting system really LOOKS like top notch... but as to the rest of it? This is just a heads up as to possible delivery, etc.


I Don't think this is the same NAME... but the unit looks EXACTLY the same.
I agree, it "looks the same"...... :eek:

If this is the "same" guy, he has a reputation for changing his name and address, sort of like a chameleon........ :mad:

Maybe some of the FN-FAL guys will chime in and confirm our suspicions........ ;)

Reference for US Armament: http://www.usarmament.com/welcome.htm
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You know, this doesn't make any sort of sense. I'd think that a unit designed to look like this, with the specs it has, and the price should guarentee good sales... Why would someone need to be shady when they could be honest?

Like I said earlier, this isn't an inditement. Just an observation.

Why would someone need to be shady when they could be honest?
Been asking myself that ever since Klinton was elected the first time... :D
That looks like a very well designed mount and ring system.
The price is very reasonable.
BigMike said:

Been asking myself that ever since Klinton was elected the first time... :D
In other words, I'll bet you were jumping for joy during the last NY Senatorial elections.:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
First of all thanks alot Antlurs & BigMike.I do appreciate the comments hopfully someone else has had some dealing with this company and speakout.
I may order them anyway, they're just too cool to passup.
moneys tight right now so I'll wait till next payday( kids going back to school ).
Ron & Mike: I have it all figured out!
Chillary got elected for the same Reason Slick Willie did!
Both New York & Arkansas would do anything to get them out of the state! Sending them to Washington was an acceptable compromise
i placed an order today for two in the aluminum version. they look awesome and the price is right. just hope it isn't to good to be true
I like the looks and the description on their web site. I am going to place an order today. I will let you all know what happens.
I really hope I'm wrong on this and you guys will get what you ordered in reasonable time and it is as advertised.

For my money... I think this setup is the nicest looking mount and ring combo I have ever seen anywhere, any time.

I think if this company advertises truthfully and the product looks as good on the rifle as it does in the pictures, they will sell all they can make.

Keep us up to date on the results.

8/27/02 Placed order for 1 set Base & Rings, & 2 Bases, shipping was free.
8/28/02 Received, via email, shipping notice w/UPS tracking #, 1 Base is on back order. Expected ship date 8/28
8/29/02 Checked UPS tracking, in Transit, delivery expected 9/5

Is this an answer to a prayer????

i'm glad to find this mount as it would appear to be the same as the rails on my AR15's....this should allow me to pop a scope or aimpoint or whatever off my AR's and put it on my ruger....the range i frequent has all sorts of 22 rifle matches some of which are speed things that a dot gives you an edge on so i'm really looking forward to getting one of these bases....i've emailed them to see if it is the same rail as the flattop AR's.....time will tell.....Dick
These look like they would be stout enough to hold up to about anything but I don't see how you can compare them to the Burris Signatures.

The advantage to the signatures is in their ability to (1) compensate for misalignment between the rings (due to shimming, etc) or (2) by using their offset inserts, allow you to in sight in the scope very close without moving the internal scope adjustments, thus leaving the scope mechanically centered.

It seems to me this system's big appeal is it's "tactical" appearance.

Maybe I'm missing something.
Keep us posted BillB.
It may be tactical but it is a mounting system not several parts that you put together.
I think that a system would take allot of veriables out of scope alignment. Not exactly sure, I'm new too this custom built rifle thing.
One of the great things about this site is that you get opionions from both sides of the table.
i got an email from u s armament and was advised that this is the same rail specs that is on my AR's so i just ordered my base.....Dick
This is the company that has Dwight Williams working for them. They can keep their mounts!

I have a useless williams arms fal reciever made from allum no money back but the new company will give me a steel reciever for 100 bucks. NO SALE HERE. Dwight has burnt the customers before burn me once shame on you burn me twice shame on me.

Go to the falfiles and see the problem of this on the boards.
I've purchased a set of rings from USARMAMENT back when they were selling the STW rings. I noticed that they don't offer them anymore on their website.:(

I can at least tell you that the ones that I have are probably the best rings I've ever owned. I was actually thinking about buying another set for my M700, but I guess I'll have to check out their new STR rings instead.


p.s. For what it's worth, I also own a fal Combat Elite rifle from
williams arms, but I'm not sure from XF2 why it's useless?
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