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Torque Driver Options

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I have a precision in-lb torque ratchet from Tekton, but I'm in need of a quality torque measuring driver. I know Wheeler is a common brand

Recommendations on a best value basis?
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And everyone that owns a fat wrench or torque wrench has pulled it out to find it was still on the last used setting. I know I have. Was it accurate after that? I have no way to know, but that can’t be done with fix it sticks. I keep in in my range bag so it’s always available when needed.
…now see? That’s one compelling advantage right there ;) (y) (y)

I knew that if I ask hard someone would step up!:ROFLMAO:🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

I appreciate you taking the time to respond, gentlemen:) :)
Any standard size bits will work. They don't supply a thousand different flats for the exact right one to work on antique firearms, but they have the standard sizes you need for field expedient work on most if not all modern firearms. Coupled with a big set of armorer's bits you will be UNSTOPABLE! I think this is how most gunsmiths use them on their benches.
Since I discovered Fix It Sticks, my fat wrench, and 1/4in drive in/lb torque wrench have only collected dust.
I should probably do a PIF, but I’d be embarrassed to give them to someone when fix it sticks are so readily available and superior.
Ive been curious how well the fix it sticks work havent even thought to ask on here! Glad ive seen this! Sometimes my wheeler wrench is just too big to run parallel
They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

Of course I'll be back when I have a moment with some words.:)

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I like nice tools as much as anybody, but I'm wondering if we need a new price-range category for us mere mortals. Something like "retired, fixed-income, the credit card is already full"
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Tekton works fine if you only need one occasionally. Beyond that, go american made
Beautiful and well-made tools are a joy to own, but sometimes, for us average gun lovers, "good enough is good enough" and the extra money that can be spent on practice ammunition may be as much benefit! But...to each his own.(y)
There’s always the classic beam type
TW-1 Torque Wrench

Reinz have you read..
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Fun read, when I finished it I found out she reads the audiobook so I listened to that in the car.

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I have both the vortex torque driver, as well as the Fix it Sticks... I almost exclusively use the fixit sticks now (with their ratcheting T handle). I also have the individual torque adapters. It's just so much more convenient for me.
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