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Tom Mix Special Model 100

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I was browsing the 22's in a pawn shop and stumbled across a Tom Mix Special Model 100S. Not in great shape but still worth the price $50. My problem is the rear peep sight. I looked up in my "reference book"-Marlin Firearms, A HIstory of the guns and the company that made them, by William S. Brophy -every marlin collector should have this book. anyway, it states that the rifle came with a sighting disk that can be adjusted for elevation and windage. I have the mounting bracket but no disk-I looked on e-parts, they don't list one --if anyone has one or comes across one I would like to hear from you as to a purchase to complete the rifle as should be. It is a nice little single shot rifle and a credable addittion to my Marlin collection.

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Hi John,
Do you know if the sight is the same as used on the Model 81's that came with factory aperature sights?
The Model 100's are nice little single shots. I came across a Crown Prince last year and bought it. I 'm not a Marlin Collector, but it was to nice of a rifle to pass on. Its in great condition with a wonderful walnut stock.
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