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To Scope or Not to Scope

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Just bought the Wal-mart special. Love it!!
Use the gun for plinking only.
If i'm Just plinking would I have more fun whith a scope or not? If I did add a scope it would not be anything expensive. I would rather buy another gun the buy an expensive scope, since I'm just plinking.
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I bought a simmons .22 mag scope. It drifted off when tapped very lightly with my hand. I sent it back. They said they fixed it and sent it back to me. It still drifted off when tapped very lightly. I sent it back and told them to send me a new one. They did. It still drifts off. Also the adjustments don't work very well.
I read in a magaizine where someone wrote that if you have to turn 1 click at a time and tap the adjustment then the scope is junk and a better one is needed. I agree. And with this simmons sometimes I could turn 3 or 4 clicks and the point of aim still would not change. Also, a buddy says his simmons .22 mag drifts off too. I went back to using my weaver d4 4x rimfire scope and I'm saving for a leupold compact rimfire.
My simmons .22 mag was made in china.
I was thinking of replacing it with a weaver 2x-7x rimfire but the address location for weaver I'm pretty sure was the same place I sent my simmons for repair. Consequently, I'm sticking with my approximately 30 year old weaver 4x D4 that's stamped U.S.A and has NEVER drifted off line. The reason I'm looking for a new scope is the weaver D4 is not bright and has fine crosshairs that can't be seen in low light.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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