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To Scope or Not to Scope

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Just bought the Wal-mart special. Love it!!
Use the gun for plinking only.
If i'm Just plinking would I have more fun whith a scope or not? If I did add a scope it would not be anything expensive. I would rather buy another gun the buy an expensive scope, since I'm just plinking.
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Go for the scope...! !


Congratulations on your new "Wal*Mart" 'Special' 10/22-22 Rifle...! ! :)

It is a very nice package, especially with the larger 'man sized' checkered stock...! ! :)

Go for the scope, and you'll never look back....! ! :D

May I suggest that you look at the "Simmons" line of '22 Mag' scopes:
0 Inexpensive
0 Good quality
0 Small & compact [28mm & 32mm]
0 4x and 3-9X Models
0 Focused for rimfire ranges [60 yards]
0 Matte and Silver finishes
0 Rings supplied with scope
0 Usually run ~ $50. to $60. at Mail Order houses like "Midway" and "Natchez".
0 The 1022T [3-9X 32mm AO] runs about $120. less rings[top of '22 Mag' line].

Avoid the 'Mart' type scopes, as they are for centerfire rifles ["DeerGetter"] and are focused for 100 to 150 yards; at normal rimfire ranges, you will have +/- 1/2" of parallax or more....! ! :(

"Simmons": http://www.simmonsoptics.com/

"Midway": http://midwayusa.com/

"Natchez": http://www.natchezss.com/

Hope this helps....! ! :)
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Where Made.....? ?


May I ask, where was your "Simmons" 22 Mag scope made....? ?

Maybe they have moved it to China....! ! :mad:

They used to be a very good value scope.....! ! :rolleyes:
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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