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to mount a scope

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my oldest nephew was dying to try out his new to him scope, so I put this together sunday morning just so my nephew had something to mount the Mueller APV on that was sent to him by some of the good folks (Dr.Gunner and FlysAlot were involved in the giveaway) here via the PIF thread...my nephew's rifle is still in progress and we wanted to go do a little shooting sunday afternoon, hence the quickie build..unfortunately it started raining before we had a chance to go :(:(

it consists of a forest green TI receiver, trigger housing (with BX guts) scope rings, extended mag release, charging handle, and a black nitride bolt placed in a nutmeg Ruger Target stock with a Butler Creek fluted barrel I had in the parts bin..

I ordered a blued Ruger Hammer Forged barrel during their 10/22 day sale and will probably install that barrel in place of the Butler Creek barrel when it arrives
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wow, three weeks and no comments...these forums are really dying off :(
Sorry....have been away.....sort of.:eek: I will explain and then comment of the rifle.

For the 1st time in 4 years there is a lady in my life. She moved in early this month and to be honest we have just been so busy with so many crazy things (some very serious like her being stalked by ex) that I have just not been around. I apologize for that but sometimes real life intrudes on our fun here. Before anyone asks I am extremely happy right now and I will leave that part at that for right now:):):):bthumb:

The rifle: A very nice piece and I am very interested to see how things go as you test both barrels and the like.

As everyone here may recall I am a big fan of the Mueller APV scope so I think you are good to go there. Many thanks to our good Doc and that guy that flies cool airplanes:D:bthumb: That was VERY COOL that they did that. Both have given so much to RFC and to individual members it is amazing.

I know next to nothing about the TI receiver but I really like the look and those rings look like something I need when money allows:p:bthumb: I have always liked those stocks since many years before even joining RFC and that has been awhile.

This rifle looks to be a winner. I hope the youngster is very proud of it as he should be.

Sorry again for missing this until now.
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Vincent, glad to hear that things are starting to go your way :)

the colors of the TI stuff is what attracted me to them first...that, and I was looking for a good source for 80% receivers :bthumb:

the kids absolutely love the fact that they can mix and match more colors than just silver or black when it comes time to pick out the colors of the metal bits... and anything that can keep their interest and off their phones for more than 10 minutes at a time is a good thing in my book
How does it shoot?
with the current Butler Creek barrel it shoots OK (~.75" for [email protected]), but nothing to write home about

I recently received a blued Ruger Hammer Forged barrel from the 10/22 day sale...been thinking about sending it. and the receiver to Randy for some work. But probably won't do much more with it 'til spring now that's it's been snowing out :mad:
I have been testing my Randy 10/22T barrel but have had nothing but trouble. I do not believe it has anything to do with Randy's work though. Getting blown heads on cases. not very good function. I THINK it is the very carefully machined 80% receiver! I think there was something wrong with the receivers prior to machining that is causing it.:mad:

Randy rechambered and back bored this one and the work is very nice. When weather permits I am going to try it on another receiver. Gonna hurt bad if I can not get these 2 receivers to work as there is no money for buying another right now:(

I have no doubt in the world Randy can improve any Ruger barrel!!:D:bthumb:
Santa was good to me, and supplied me with a new SS Hammer Forged barrel and a CWP black laminate Target stock, so the blued/green/nutmeg Target may get a ss/blue/black shooting buddy

if I do decide to send the blued barrel to Randy, I'll also send the ss version along to get that cool looking taper treatment
Cracked, Please tell me about those rings. Looks like a first class low mounting job, by the way!
Cracked, Please tell me about those rings. Looks like a first class low mounting job, by the way!
sorry didn't see the question until today

as I mentioned in my first post about this rifle the rings are from TI, (same goes for the bolt, charging handle, receiver, and trigger housing)

for some applications I think they are very good, but they're only available in 1" and a medium height...so if you wanted to use them on a scope with a large objective, like a 50mm, you'd be out of luck as a 40mm with a flip cover gets pretty close to a .920" barrel
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