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Tight spot in bore of CZ 17 HMR American...

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When my CZ was new it shot slightly better groups. Some of the folks here recommended not cleaning the 17 until accuracy dropped off (up to 200-300 rounds). After a little experimenting, I found the accuracy dropped in mine after 20 shots requiring cleaning.

Tonight I really cleaned the bore and finished it off with Flitz. When Flitzing a tight spot near the chamber in the throat are became obvious. It was really tight for .5"-1.0" near the chamber until it was Flitzed. Now its smooth and consistent.

Any of you guys experience this? Theory is that accuracy drops off when a projectile is sized down early in the bore and the bore opens up.

The CZ shoots, but its no where near the performer some of you guys claim. A family member Savage easily shoots as well if not better. A 22 Mag shoots as well too!

Any of you guys have this problem and did it help the accuracy?
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Got response from guys in other chatroom...

thanks anyway.
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