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This is only a test......

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Weather permitting, I plan on testing about 12 different kinds of ammo Sat morning out of my A&B barrel at distances from 20 to 100 yards. I will post the results here when I have a chance, the good, the bad and the UGLY.

Wish me luck
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Hope the weather co-operates for you. I'm goin' out Sunday. 68 and sunny! I hope! JL

The weather looks good, clear and high of low to mid 60's with little to no wind! What more could a shooter ask for? Well besides free lifetime supply of ammo lol
Hey Joe:
How'd you do after I left?
Get to shoot any groups, to brag about?

Thanks again, for the trigger group, and I'll see you on Wed.


As you might remember, it sprinkled a bit before you left? Well shortly after you took off down the range road the cold front really moved in and the temp dropped like a stone and the winds picked up! :( I went ahead and fired 5 rounds of each of the ammos I had with me but the groups are not good at all. The wind was swirling all over the place and shooting a good group in that kind of stuff was just impossable. Oh well, next time at least I will know roughly where the point of impact will be with each round. Even in the wind I shot a group or two that might be ok, I still need to measure them. I will get that done and post the results later on today or Monday.
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