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inot something more than what it is.

Im gona start with my 77/17 action, get a ross thumbhole sporter with .920 barrel channel. toss a gm blue fluted 22mag barrel on it

cant decide on nutmeg or pepper laminate.

id also toss 4-12 vxII on it and it would be pretty much finished and be shooting ammo thats available off the shelf anywhere.

rifle 475.
stock 130
barrel 130
scope 370
trigger 50

how does that sound, id then have shooter that shoots just under the 17hrm and then when ammo ever becomes cheap and available I just swap back to my walnut stock and hmr barrel or grab gm fluted barrel to match the thumhole stock.

alittle exspensive but it sure is fun. Im gona start putting it together asap. but ill use the current scope to save money till I can grab the gold ring one.

this is more than I originaly planned for the rifle but I decided i dont wanna ream out my walnut stock and I dont wanna a factory 22mag barrel and I dont want to be like everyone elses.

so this is what Im comeing up with
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