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A stress-free place to gather and share whatever is on your mind! A fun place of mutual respect where you can hang your hat, vent, relax and shoot the bull for a while!

Happy Easter to all who celebrate that faith.

To all others, Happy Spring!

Easter symbolizes a new beginning, so it is fitting that TWH has a new beginning as well!
Along with RFC, TWH has been remodeled!

Actually, it can be anything you imagine it to be!

I am happy to announce that due to the increased bandwidth of the new RFC, there is no longer a need for the weekly closing and re-opening of TWH!!! After 10+ years of weekly "flipping" we now get to keep the doors open continuously! My sincere thanks to our moderators, especially Sophia, for making this possible!

I would also like to thank all the members who have kept this boat afloat for so long! We have become like family here, and now have a permanent residence! (y) While we have many long-time members who have been enjoying the company found in this amazing virtual bar, we also welcome all new folks. Jump right in! The first drink is always on the house and Veterans always have an open bar!
Al The Infidel (Tubby Slayer extraordinaire) is the bar manager.

So, let's get this re-opening celebration going! Set 'em up, Al! Drinks all around!!!
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Its a nice sunny cool 70* ,here,in the Valley this morning.A needed break for the 90s* of the past days.

Had to throw away 2 Jars of JIF PNB.....that was $10 wasted.
I may not have needed to get on the ground to grease my tractor, but the Jeep needs a few squirts in the 40leven spots on the driveshafts.It had a slight vibration at 70mph.And I havent been under it in several months.
Getting a light rain in the Valley,Its cool outside. Another Earth Quake in Va. this morning-2.3-near Richmond,Va.Lots of bare spots on the shelfs at Wally World,they were even short of plastic bags.
Rain started yesterday afternoon and it rained all night. Still raining this AM.Looks to be about 1/2" in the gauge.
Already had 3 rain drenched Wild Turkeys feed thru the bottom,couldnt tell if hens or gobblers.
Hope Gobbs dad is doing well.
A cool cloudy day, here,in the Valley.Took the opportunity to fire up the Weed eater and clean the ditch bank along the road in front of the house,A tank of fuel and an hour later that job is done.Will cool down and then get a shower,I,m sure there was poison Ivy in the mix.
Al,The little dog was snoring soundly ,until I played the Owl calls, They woke her up.
Years ago I found ,what I thought ,was a dead Duck,when mowing in the bottom.Not wanting to mow over it ,I stopped and was going to move it out of the way.IT was not dead,or a duck when I moved it.Even as a fledgling it had some big talons and beak.No Idea where it had come from,unless it had fallen out of a tree,no barns close.
Transported it to a wild animal rehabilator, they raise it until it was able to catch prey and feed itself.They called and said it was ready for release and asked if I wanted another.So I picked them up ,brought them here and set them free in the neighbors barn.

Yesterdays weed eating ,has got me sore,but I,ll get over it. More mowing today before the storms.
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Tornado watch,Flash Flood watch,Flying Monkey watch, anwthing else to look out for ? Only a light rain ,now, Its going to have to pick up the pace if its going to be interesting......yoday.
Its not like you can supply your own.Low buck paint supplier for the win.
Just heard from a friend that RI is failing inspections for people having faded reg'n plates. At the end of the year, I gather we're all required to buy the new design anyway. Can't we just add some blue paint to the letters for a few months, DMV?
Rain picked up, 95 points..so far.Another round expected later this evening.
2 turkeys in he bottom this AM.
Removed 2 ticks from my body last night...one on elbow ? and a little one on ankle. Thats three bites this month.
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120 points ot rain in yesterdays storms. No damage here. Others not so lucky.At the rate we keep getting rain,we will never be able to get things planted in the garden. Guessed to be a nice day today,after grass dries it will be "Mower Time"
Noticed the Lighting Bugs are out.Seeing them for the first time this year.Grand Daughter#1 had her 10th birthday party, We had 2 cakes,,,,,,I may have eaten to much.

Good to hear your fathers home,Gobb.
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Your a braver man that I ,Wook.I would never touch my wifes computer.
Day started out cool & sunny. Put out Flag and turned loose the chickens....2 eggs today.
Son came over and replace the light and switch that is over the kitchen sink...we can see.....
Welcome back!
Busy morning today. Out early for a blood letting,then wait 2 hrs to see the Dr.Went to the eye glass place and got my frames straightened.Then to the CPAP supplier to get the ball rolling on a replacement.
Oh, got the #2 booster from the Doc.Covicd booster....
Rough night. # 2 booster had me down.All my joints hurt,I didnt know if I was hot or cold or sometimes both.Finally had to take a Tylenol to help with the pain. A shot of Jack ,may have helped too.
Still not 100% this AM.Will go out and pay the taxes and get some grub.
Temps in the 90s here in the Valley ,today.Dentist visit tomorrow AM.And another day of 90* called for. Weekend ,guessed to be in low 80s. Shoot Sat & Sunday,will only do Sat,maybe ,if I can shake this brain fog I,ve got.
On my way to the dentist this AM (9).House near town had many police vehicles in the drive way and parked in the road.Some were un-marked federal (Md Plates)Sherrifs Dept and Woodstock town cop ?Comming home at noon had to wait as a marked US Marshal,s truck backed out of the driveway while the 2 black SUV,s stopped traffic,and everyone left the scene.
Will have to put my ear to the ground to find out who knows what...
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An update on yesterdays police activity in the area.
Looking for a missing woman.Has been missing since 2019. Daughter had embezzled money from her mothers bank account and then tried to sell her mothers home,forgeing a public document.
About a dozen (according to newspaper) Secret Service Agents along with Sheriff's Dept and town cops searched the womans home in Woodstock and daughters home in Maurertown.No reports of anything found at this time.
Did notice all the vehicles at the daughters home were gone this morning.
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Took me a moment to figure out what those RGB, red, green, and blue bullets were.
Those may have been "Remington Golden Bullet,s" But thats a guess.......
Out early this AM to travel to the gun club.200 rds expended,some were loaded in 1995, all went bang,even the factory ones.Scores were average,It was a bit windy,thats no excuse. Had to shoot the 16s by myself. squad mates didnt show up until after I had already shot 50 targets. Did not wait for them to shoot their fifty & join me.......I had to P.

Vendor was selling shells & primers. Win AA ,s for $125 per flat. REM and Federal for $85.I got a flat (250) of REM.
Didnt need the 10,000 primers for $450+.
Another shoot next Sunday.
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Spent the morning with the wife at the ER.When she said the pain was too much, it was some real pain.
She got some X-rays and some pills & patches.Ostio arthritis In the back,compounded by worn out knee joints.X-ray showed a compression fracture of the spine,that had healed.
Took about 2hr in the ER.Stopped on way home and got the drugs, we,ll see if they help...
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Latest event on local Interstate."Boat into Overpass"
Someone couldn't,t read the tape measure........
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Rain yesterday put the quash on my mowing . A round of Thunder storms called for this afternoon.Hopped on mower after lunch and got the yard outside the fence mowed,then down to the bottom. Got the half we can see from the house mowed and the rain started as I was comming up the road from the bottom. Parked mower und the trees in front of the shed and beet feet to the house. Didnt get too wet.
Another line of storms comming thru.
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