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A stress-free place to gather and share whatever is on your mind! A fun place of mutual respect where you can hang your hat, vent, relax and shoot the bull for a while!

Happy Easter to all who celebrate that faith.

To all others, Happy Spring!

Easter symbolizes a new beginning, so it is fitting that TWH has a new beginning as well!
Along with RFC, TWH has been remodeled!

Actually, it can be anything you imagine it to be!

I am happy to announce that due to the increased bandwidth of the new RFC, there is no longer a need for the weekly closing and re-opening of TWH!!! After 10+ years of weekly "flipping" we now get to keep the doors open continuously! My sincere thanks to our moderators, especially Sophia, for making this possible!

I would also like to thank all the members who have kept this boat afloat for so long! We have become like family here, and now have a permanent residence! (y) While we have many long-time members who have been enjoying the company found in this amazing virtual bar, we also welcome all new folks. Jump right in! The first drink is always on the house and Veterans always have an open bar!
Al The Infidel (Tubby Slayer extraordinaire) is the bar manager.

So, let's get this re-opening celebration going! Set 'em up, Al! Drinks all around!!!
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T-Storm rolled thru last night. Over 200 points of rain,river is muddy.Sun is out,looks to be a good day.
Finished mowing the yard yesterday evening.Now we have three days of cold rain comming.Area is under a flood watch.

Shoot schedualed for Sat.I will not be standing in a cold rain to shoot.I,m now older & wiser....
Think I,ll be like the dog today.pull cover over my head and take a nap.
A light steady rain all day, several short heavy down pours but mostly just steady rain. Wont miss Saturdays shoot,,canceled because of weather. Some one was thinking.
Lost power last night about 8:30 pm.That meens no water or heat for us.Rain was heavy at times and windy too.House weather station went down too.battery back up must be dead.No idea how much rain we got and are still getting. Temps in the low 50s.
Power came on somewhere between 4>6 AM.Power company called and reported they had an equiptment failure.....

Standing water in the front yard, all gutters are clog free.Have most of the clocks set for the correct time-I think.Rain all day and into early tomorrow,river will be up for sure.
275 points of rain ...so far.And its still raining.
At least we have power tonight.
Night All.
300 points of rain dumped out of the gauge this am . Cold windy cloudy day here in the Valley.Frost advisory for tonight,will have to cover my pepper plants. The sun may be out by Tuesday.
No frost overnight and the sun is out.Going to be a good day.
0 points of precipitation are expected.:cool:
Only speeding ticket I,ve gotten (so far) was for 62 in a 55 ,on the Interstate back when the National limit was 55. In the slowest POS I ever owned a Dodge/Plymoth TC3 had the "big" 2.2
There were plenty of times a ticket could have been issued when street racing the 340 Duster,but we always did that late at night and checked for cops first.
A sunny morning,temps to hit 70 and a lot of mowing to do.That 3" of rain made the grass jump.
Hair cut this AM. Mowed the bottom this PM.I think I,m done for the day. It was a sunny ,cool breezy day.Too bad I had chores to do.
While down in the bottom,I looked at the river and thought ,maybe I,ll go fishing when the water clears up.Mowed by the shooting back stop and looked at the new steel target I put up,,maybe I,ll shoot at that some day.
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Well Al, We have Small Mouth,Large Mouth and Sun fish (bluegill}.Cat fish,Chanel and mud,Carp,Suckers,Fall fish (Creek Chubs) and there are some Walleye they say. Eels too.
Over the years I have caught most of them.No Carp,yet. I mostly go for Small mouth on UL outfits.
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Due to the sprinkly weather ,here, in the Valley today.I will have to take the wifes car in to have the windshield replaced instead of them comming to the house. That will shoot most of this afternoon.
I have only driven it once and that was for a couple of miles to get an oil change.
Productive morning, here,in the Valley.Had a hen Turkey strolling around in the bottom at first light.Went to town and picked up some fresh Aspargrass,strawberries and tomatoes from a local shop.Then stopped and picked up 2 halves of BBQ chicken for lunch.
Grass is still too wet to mow,humidity is 80% and T-Storms are comming later this afternoon.
Ground hog is feeding in the tall grass in the bottom, its safe.
Sorted out ammo for tomorrows shoot at a new place for me. Small 2 trap club about an hour SW from here.They even provide a free lunch.
Might have to start up the AC,if it gets any hotter/humider.
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Went to a new range today.Used the 3200 and my Hdc score improved. Shot almost as good as my average was back in the 80s......1980s.Nice small 2 trap club.Have covered rifle range,s out to 200 yds.
My 16 yd scores are still bad. Rain storm started as soon as we walked off the line,rained on me all the way home.
A sunny cool morning, here,in the Valley.
Got the tax bills yesterday,that wasnt so great,but not too bad. it pays to have old vehicles with lots of miles
Groung hog living under the Swayback Sycamore in the bottom ,has babies,at least 2,they were out sunning on the tree yesyerday afternoon.They will not be bothered unless they start new holes.
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Company that pumped ours ,had a small plastic device that was flushed down the system. They had an electronic beeper that pointed out its location.
How do they find them? I am on septic and have lived here 6 years now. I don't use much water.
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Same company also replaced caved in tank( I had been driving over it for years-thinking it was in a gifferent location).It now has a raised lid (above ground} with concrete cover. Will save $$ on next pumping by not having to dig to find the lid.
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Sorry to hear of your loss,BW.
A light rain overnight and then temps will start soaring for the weekend.Have Jeep Show on Sat. guessed temp will be in the mid 90s, O Joy.
Watch shooting in those high temps ,Wook.Drink plenty of fluids, It is suposta be fun not work.

More mowing today when the grass dries.Need mower gas,will probably cost $5 per gal....today....
Mow-did the over height grass in the bottom.Used the $5.49 per gal non-ethanol juice.At the other end of the bottom were 2 families of Canada geese,a dozen babies between them,they were feeding on last weeks mowed fresh grass, They let me get within 10 yds before they fled to the safety of the river. Also jumped a doe from some where.may have a fawn somewhere on the hillside.
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We had an earth Quake in Va today.......I was holding on for dear life:cool:,It was reported to be a 1.9. Calf, residents wouldnt have noticed.Heck I didnt even notice....
A long hot day at the Jeep show ,yesterday.My Jeep didnt win any awards and none of my raffle tickets won any prizes.I did however have a good lunch.Temps in the mid 90,s and had to find shade where ever present. Drank about 4 gal of fluids( mostly) water.It all leaked out.
Grand sons Soccor team had a fund raising Steak dinner,picked that up on the way home.Didnt feel good s it was a early to bed night.

PNB lovers.....Skippy has a real, Samnolla( sp) in the mix. We had a jar,we all had been eating it.
Check here,,,,, cdc.gov/food safety/outbreaks to see if you have any.
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