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A stress-free place to gather and share whatever is on your mind! A fun place of mutual respect where you can hang your hat, vent, relax and shoot the bull for a while!

Happy Easter to all who celebrate that faith.

To all others, Happy Spring!

Easter symbolizes a new beginning, so it is fitting that TWH has a new beginning as well!
Along with RFC, TWH has been remodeled!

Actually, it can be anything you imagine it to be!

I am happy to announce that due to the increased bandwidth of the new RFC, there is no longer a need for the weekly closing and re-opening of TWH!!! After 10+ years of weekly "flipping" we now get to keep the doors open continuously! My sincere thanks to our moderators, especially Sophia, for making this possible!

I would also like to thank all the members who have kept this boat afloat for so long! We have become like family here, and now have a permanent residence! (y) While we have many long-time members who have been enjoying the company found in this amazing virtual bar, we also welcome all new folks. Jump right in! The first drink is always on the house and Veterans always have an open bar!
Al The Infidel (Tubby Slayer extraordinaire) is the bar manager.

So, let's get this re-opening celebration going! Set 'em up, Al! Drinks all around!!!
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In on one! The last "1".


Happy Easter to all that celebrate.

48 and calm, but not for long. Windy, sunny and a high of 57 today. Yesterday was much warmer and windier than predicted.

Grass cut, ditches run. Left the ditcher on in case I have to go fix what I did, decent rain expected for Tuesday/Wednesday.

Today will be things around home.

Ham for Easter dinner. Wife came home armed with the knowledge regarding the difference between a pork butt ham and pork shank ham. Guy was putting more out and was educating the few shoppers on the differences. And they were on sale to move them out. Tater salad, deviled eggs and salad will round out the meal.

Other forums using similar software have threads that are a decade old or more. Sometimes it is fun to see what people were talking about a year, 5 or 10 ago.

Have a great day.
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Trying this lighter shade of blue. Will see whot the dark moder's say. It may be not so hard to read & provide better contrast. Call it a trial balloon. New site does not have the old font I preferred as an option. This one is okay, just not as light-hearted. the other was 'comic'.

Great pic's, Don, cow & 92! That Easter goose looks like it had been goosed... or had a very strong incentive to get out of Dodge! Can easily tell in the others that it's been a very special and fun day, one to be treasured.

Ours was as well. Spent the majority ofvit at the club. Bride & I had a fine brunch, bud that was going to come out to shoot wasn't able to make that a reality, but the light was weird, the winds were strong & gusty, and it remained overcast until well into the afternoon and even then, there was a distinct haze present, comprised of pollen and dust for the most part. I got in several boxes at sporty clays w/a ancient AL-2 12 ga Beretta semi-auto stocked in the 'bleached blonde' French Walnut that was used in some of those guns when they were first introduced. Striking, against their gloss-black finished alloy hand engraved receivers. It has a 71cm [that's within a gnat of 28"] fixed choke 'MOD' bbl. that throws near hunnert percent full choke patterns @ 40 yds. w/the 7/8 oz reloads I was using. Not much room for error inside that range, but impressive 'ink spots' to north of 35 yds. ...when the target is well centered. Figured out how to correctly shoot a screaming rt. to left and outward moving target presentation that had previously stumped me last Wednesday. Only way to break that thing before it went into the brush along the left side of the 'window' about 40 or so yards out was to 'spot shoot' the darned thing; meaning to pre-mount the gun, hold near the point where it disappeared into the brush and take your vision back to the right to see the flash as it sped toward safety. The instant you could pick up that target's flash, pull the trigger! I could break it every time doing that, and not at all trying to shoot it any other way. Had quite the feeling of accomplishment figuring out what I had to do to hit it consistently. Missed it twice trying the old way first w/gun down. There simply wasn't time, w/my reflexes, to do more than shoot behind it. It's not a shot you would ever take in the field, as the target was low. Some sporty clays presentations have little to nothing to do w/field shots and if you wish to post good scores it is necessary to learn how to break them all. I B trying. Actually, shot well above my norm for the first ten stations and was only three targets down at the end of the second box. After ten stations, I was getting a bit tired, and the temps had increased considerable w/the overhead blanket's thinning to high elevation stratus. I think all the junk in the air was also irritating my eyes. In any case, I wasn't quite as lively or quick to make good target acquisitions and dropped a few targets. The 13th station proved my Waterloo. It was a true pair of crossing floppers traveling rt. to left that had little spring on them and tho both were traveling in the neighborhood of 35 yards when they crossed paths visually at about 20 yards out it just played havoc w/my ability to track either well and I was left with hitting one or none. And it pulled my score down to the high 70% range for the day. Background on that station was treed and brushy and neither target ever had any sky behind it at their peak. My poor performance there was due to two things, I was getting tired, and I was shooting above and behind the ill-defined [fuzzy, rather than having a clear hard focus on my part] targets. Still, it was a fine afternoon to be out traipsing around looking at all the flora bursting out with new foliage. Returned to the clubhouse around 4 and chilled a while, where a number of the usual round-table suspects had gathered. Some had been shooting skeet and others helice and some were just there because like TWH, it's where they hang, most afternoons. There was some ensuing conversation about the need to make more NRA-ILA donations and writing our Senators and Reps expressing our on-going concerns and too, the lack of components and general ammo shortages, inclusive of target ammo for shotshells was given some discussion. A few other non-firearms/shooting related grouses had volleys fired across their bows as well. No feathers were ruffled. It's a well weather-hardened crew w/much time at the helm in times of turbulence. Learn the ropes or perish. Plenty of prior combat duty was present. We had some popcorn to gnaw on as subjects were gnashed and some deviled eggs that Luca had
prepared. They bore (use?) only their regular colour, but they ate gud. No one thot to ask when an opinion was being expressed if they had Czech'd w/Martha. Such is the nature of that group that that type of thinking/questioning is not considered good etiquette. Heck, it's not considered good for anything, if ya wanna B honest about it.

Looked at the posted results from last Wednesday's beginning week of the sporty clays league. Our squad is in 4th, but only one point out of first. It's a great start and I think we might could win this one. This coming Wed. we shoot ten stations on the orange course. It was the 'green' course's first ten stations last week. Life in the fast lane, eh? It could get rained out, but I'm putting my money on any rain coming being done before we have to shoot. Tuesday afternoon and night will likely be wet.

'The Metropolitan' is next weekend. I've no plans to shoot in it but could waffle come Friday and sign up at the last minute. It won't be sold out this year. It's four guns only on Sat. & Sun. No Friday events or doubles this year. I'll go out regardless, at least on Sat. afternoon just because I know many, if not most, that will be shooting. Find myself lacking the passion I once had for shooting registered skeet. Still love the game and have made many good friends and acquaintances thru the years doing it.

I'm fully paid and signed up for the State FITASC championship that was cancelled and then postponed last year that will be coming up shortly. My time practicing right now is better spent in that direction. I won my class in the inaugural one, had it in the bag on the 2nd one, only to have my wheels come off on the last day and choke to death w/some weird vision bad mojo that I've never come to fully grasp/understand. Finally marked it up to 'stuff happens' and have now moved on, tho have to admit it did linger... for a while.

Skeet was never shot at the White House, contrary to whot some said at an earlier time tho it might well should have been. Shot low gun, it is still the best form of practice that I know of... for a bird hunter.

I think sporty clays can be and FITASC is better suited to dove hunters.

I'm going back to bed. C ya.
Much more betterer...


37 and clouds moving in, evolving to rain this afternoon and evening from a Nor'easter. An inch of rain expected.

Easter dinner was fantastic! Anyone ever cooked their ham in a slow cooker/crock pot? Wife found some instructions for such and it turned out very will. Skipped the cloves, but put the pineapple on it and the small ham fit perfectly in the cooker. Except for the dinner, Easter was just another Sunday for us. Wife did take some goodies next door for the boys, they get plenty as it is.

Another week of toil begins. Also, permanent crown due to be installed this week. Still waiting for tires for my car, waiting on the tractor tire and rim.

Have a great day.

1.10 inches of rain and a lot of wind yesterday evening/last night. Still windy, going to remain windy, start with some sun and then clouds move in with a high of 53, 13 degrees below normal.

Easter dinner leftovers were good last night. The usual Taco Tuesday fare tonight before we return to leftovers again tomorrow night. That should do in all but some ham. Hopefully, it will end with some fried ham and eggs for dinner one night.

My wife is not big on leftovers. I told her she must not have been poor when she was young. We would eat the same thing every night for a week if there was that much leftover and you didn't complain. Better than going hungry. I remind her that leftovers keeps her from having to decide what to fix every night, as she runs out of ideas.

Meetings today starting at 0730 hours. :sleep:

Have a great day.
Hey everyone! New guy here. Bought a T/C .22 for my kids to plink with last summer and they fell in love with shooting. So between that and 22 ammo being about the only thing I can reliably find locally, I'm starting to go down a rimfire rabbit hole. Lol.
Welcome! I am sure you will find several of us along the way down that rabbit hole!


43 and a breeze, sunny and 60 today with some breeze.

We have had reports of hummers around, but none at our feeder just yet. We only see one or two a year, but that is enough to thrill the wife. Seeing a charm like @Sophia has would call for a large celebration.

Meetings went on as expected. Necessary evil is the only way to describe them.

Shrimp tacos last night. Back to ham tonight.

Have a great day.
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47 and calm, clouds, getting more cloudy, temps reaching the low 60's. Slight chance of a shower.

Nice truck @Al the Infidel. Shame it is a Ram.... ;)

Permanent crown install today after work. Done with the dentist for a while after that. (y)

Might take tomorrow off just because I can. Need to get some things done with good weather around for a few days and no rain.

Have a great day.

Took the day off, nice weather, go play at the farm. Currently 46, heading to 75 sunny degrees.

Permanent crown in, no problem.

Have a good day.

47 and calm, sunny, windy a 70 for today.

Another groundhog down. Not sure if he was hiding or living in the front old shed, but after seeing him run in there, I set up and waited a bit. Photo in the varmint thread.

My ditching effort was mostly a success, just need some fine tuning. Few more odds and ends knocked out, few more on tap for today.

Have a great day.

50 headed to 70 and sunny today, yet breezy again.

Put the rotary cutter on and did some cutting along the woods seeing it was cool and a cool NE breeze to keep the bugs hiding. Cut the grass, patched a hole to keep birds out. Easy day. Cheeseburgers and fries for dinner.

Today is around the house stuff. Time to clean the humidifier up and stow until fall. Then into the garage to put up, put away, throw away - whatever it takes to make it look better.

Have a good day.

51 and calm, sunny to clouds later, high o f 70.

Ok groanards, I need some advice on what might be arthritis in my hands. Working with steel all day every day, has my hands in constant pain. Mostly it the knuckles in my fingers. Also, experiencing trigger finger on my right hand. It's painful, and one of my fingers is usually stuck in a flexed position when I wake up. I really don't want to take any medication, because I don't like taking pills. Maybe some sort of OTC joint inflammation supplement or cream? I ordered something like relief factor that should be here soon. Hoping that will afford some relief.

The side effects that go along with most arthritis meds are terrible! 😬

@Rhody I have taken Celebrex (or generic) for over 20 years with nary a problem. When I have my blood work done, they always check my liver and kidneys for damage from long term use, no problems so far. I would have a tough time with out it, they first found arthritis in my early 30's. Every x-ray since, literally my entire body at some point, shows arthritis in some form or amount. Now, I know there was a lot of negative press regarding Celebrex, but it does work and your doctor can advise you better. There is a cream called Voltaren that is over the counter, used to be by Rx only, that I have heard a lot of good things about. Nothing beats a good diagnosis and a positive treatment program, whatever that may be. Arthritis can become very debilitating if not managed to some degree. Good luck.

I have passed kidneys stones and had to have one manually evicted. Ain't enough FloMax to allow an 8 mm stone out into the free world. Actually was a good thing, they would not have found the spot of bladder cancer so early. Still have a small stone in my right kidney, been there since at least 2014 when it was found.

Got a lot done around the house yesterday. Beds switched to warm weather bedding and mattresses turned. Humidifier cleaned and stowed. Then came the garage. Snow gear moved to the shed, other things put away, some thing thrown out, truck loaded with things to take to the farm for use or destruction and some general clean up. That was just step one. Neighborhood yard sale in about three weeks, lots of stuff gonna disappear one way or another.

Another week, more meetings. Yay.

Have a great day.
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55 and humid, clouds and 76 today with rain later. Then chilly for the rest of the week.

About to order new beds and mattresses. Using a tax free and free delivery special saving a good chunk of change, considering the money we are spending. Nothing beats good sleep.

My sight elevation wheel should arrive today, that will get me closer to getting to shoot the old Mossberg. Now if the wind would ever stop blowing. I thought maybe it was my imagination, but doing some weather research, we have had an unusual number of more windy days this spring than normal. Goes along with the temperature swings we have seen caused by different weather patterns.

Have a great day.

Just enough rain drops to make the pollen look worse - didn't wash a bit of off the vehicles. 52 this AM, sunny, windy and high of 59 as cool dry air continues to move in.

Sight part did not make it to the mailbox as expected. There is a regional distribution center here in town, about a mile from the post office and it arrived there very early yesterday AM. Couldn't travel that mile in time yesterday, guess its legs got tired.

Wife continues to shop and beat down the salespeople for the best deal on new beds. Only thing I like about her being a cheapskate. We have decided this will be our anniversary present to each other. Now I don't have to hit up the jewelry store!

Have a good day.

A windy 40 degrees will turn into a windy and sunny 59 degrees.

Sight part came in, I was on the road all afternoon after work, so no chance to install and check the workings. This afternoon we will play with that.

Retrieved the wayward tractor tire and rim. Not bad for cutting the center out and welding it onto another rim, put in a tube and presto! This tire place does a lot of ag work and has been around for a long time. The owner just sold to a local chain. Things will operate the same for two years, then the owner has the option to walk away, which he likely will. He said it already feels better not worrying about payroll, bills, etc. He can just concentrate on fixing tires. Walking encyclopedia of knowledge of ag tires and rims, the community will miss him greatly when he is gone.

Mattress debate continues. Well, wife's debate, I just sit there and listen, nodding in agreement occasionally. We obviously operate in different manners, but we make it work. I guess. Neither of us are bleeding or in jail, so there's that...

Been hearing a lot of reports of rose breasted grosbeaks migrating through my immediate area. I have a picture of a female from 3-4 years back, but have never seen a male. Hoping maybe the cold snap slows them a little and they spread out and I get to see one or some.

Have a great day.
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37 and non-windy, but the wind will return with the sun and it may make it to 63. Red flag warning yesterday, maybe again today. The extra windy days have certainly caused some dry conditions, the dust the farmers are raising is insane on top of the height of pollen season.

Today is the day. The bed and mattress decision will be made today. Well, I decided a week ago, the wife not so much. It is exhausting listening to such indecisiveness.

TGIF and have a good day.

Another cool AM, 37 and still. Sunny, breezy and 65 today.

Odd jobs at the farm today, maybe head home early. It is so dry, I will likely pass on cutting the grass, rain due Sunday night.

Hello All,
New member to this forum and was asked to post greetings here. Been shooting and collecting rimfire guns and others most of my life. Looking forward to the interaction here. So hello from South Dakota.

Have a good day.
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43 and still, clouds with shower this afternoon. Frost at the farm in the low spots yesterday AM, long after sunrise.

Home stuff today, which isn't going to be much. Need a day of rest.

Have a good day.

55 and calm, little bit of a shower sometime after midnight. Sunny and warm today, high around 76.

Diesel was 4.99 last (9 days ago) Saturday. It was 4.97 on Monday. Tuesday - 5.17. Thursday - 5.39. Friday - 5.59 Saturday - 5.79. Gas is still at 4.15 during all this. This is INSANE! Needless to say, it has elicited some non-forum friendly language from me.

Now that we had a little rain, I will get the grass cut at the farm. With rain Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, wouldn't get cut until this time next week and be two feet tall.

Hopefully the warmer weather will get the groundhogs more active. Not much action the last couple of weeks. And maybe the wind will stop blowing so I can get some shooting in. For testing and sighting, I want the best conditions I can get. Then I can start figuring on dope for shooting on not so calm days or for hunting purposes.

Have a good day.

55 misty, damp, breezy degrees. Clouds, some sun, east breeze, high around 67.

Short office day, headed to the farm to get some things done before several rounds of wet weather starting tonight through Sunday. We need the rain and it appears to come a little at a time, perfect situation.

Spent another hour with the doctor's office and insurance company. Finger pointing at its best. Let's see if things go right this time.

It’s been a couple weeks since checking in, it’s been real busy with growers planting in between rain storms and mushroom hunting. So far about 200 morel. Here are a couple photos of the equipment one of growers I’m working with is using. A far cry from the 6 row plant grandpa used.

Brian great photos with the grandkids.
The amount of electronics involved in planters is almost unimaginable. Such precision. Then combine the electronics of a modern day tractor. When I was young, we greased the 4 row planter, filled the fertilizer bins from bags, dumped in seed corn and off you went. Pull the rope to set it down, pull the rope to pick it up. Refill the fertilizer bins a dozen times a day. Lord only knows how much fertilizer dust I breathed in; include planting wheat in the fall.

Have a great day.
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Grandpa's tractor looked something like this:

View attachment 302637

His son, my uncles, first tractor was a '59 Deere. I think a 430.
Were I younger I'd give some thought to hiring migrants to sow and harvest. :oops::p

Going to the top;
when in VN one of the options was putting my wages "on the books", taking whatever pocket change, then collecting it all when going home while thinking positive in the meat grinder eh? If ya couldn't trust Uncle I mean who could ya trust yano? Silly boy, while still hospitalized I requested my hard earned wages that mysteriously went poof according to REMFs. :oops::mad: It took my congressman to get but 1/2 back. I quit voting until Hollywoods Bonzo wanted/went to go to the WH. shaking head icon

Gonna be buggy again Lon.... 40º on the button
Started "farming" with a Farmall cub then graduated to a Farmall super C sixty years ago. Neither had room for a waste basket.
We had a 1920's International harvester "H", a 30's "M", a 40's "M" and not sure of the vintage of the 300. Two bottom plows, 6 foot disks, a pull behind Allis Chalmers 6 foot combine....
Since we are leasing the tilled ground this year, different equipment comes and goes on the farm. Yesterday, I had to move a Challenger (originally a Caterpillar company, now AGCO) hooked to a 40 foot vertical tillage tool. Duals front and back, air ride, shuttle shift - talk about time warp. Hopefully he learned not to park in on the grass and leave the key in it. 😲


55 and showers, remains humid, some sun, thunderstorms and rain this afternoon from a passing front. May reach 76 degrees.

Got the grass cut at the farm, moved some tractors around so the lease guy can get his planter without having to move anything. Boss showed up for a bit, more things to do as weather and time allows.

Tires for the car finally arrived. Take care of that after work, if weather hasn't gotten too bad by then.

Have a good day.
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55, cloudy and a little breeze. Clouds, maybe some sun, breezy, high around 65.

Friday through Sunday - wind, rain, cool. About as crappy a weekend as one could imagine for spring short of a blizzard.

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Headed to our favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner this evening with another couple. It's also our wedding anniversary.

I see diesel went up 20 cents, now resting at $5.99 a gallon. 😕

New tires on the car. Couple of miles to get gas and go home - noticeable difference in less noise. A win so far. But now the car says it doesn't recognize the tires, gotta figure out how to change that. App on my phone shows brand, model, size, etc. Just a PITA notification that will annoy me if I don't fix it.

Have a Mexican day!

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Grille
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Did you get rid of your run flats?

Was talking to the tow truck driver yesterday as my son had to get his car towed down 3 blocks to our mechanic, his starter died. Guy was telling me more and more cars are coming without spares. He was also telling me about all the cars that have to have the front bumper removed to be towed. 2003 Civic, easy peasy. Hook underneath the front and drag it on the flat bed. Car all fixed with oil change and tire rotation. I think my son is going to drive that car forever.
The tire shop is going to put them on the shelf and offer them at a good price. I also told them that if the situation ever arose, they could be donated to one in need.
I do have a spare, jack and wrench now in the trunk. Need to find just the right strap to tie it all down.

Suppressor number 7 paid for including tax stamp, on back order then they say 90 days or less even adding it on my existing Trust, hopefully have it for fall hunting. Dead Air Primal made for the big 'un's up to 46 cal. and 338 Lapua pressures, perfect for the .450 Bushmaster AR and the .357 Max and .44 Magnum H&R's, also uses the same direct thread ends as the Nomad 30.

Tried to take the Daystate Revere .25 (not a Regal as I've posted, what memory?) and the new to me Marauder .25 to first the old club, where a three man pistol class had the whole general purpose range tied up. That's 18 bays wide and 100 yards deep, its the only range there with electrical outlets so no go for running the compressor so no shooting there. Plan B go to the new club that has power on the rifle range once you learn where to flip the switch to turn 'em on. Both rifles are shooters but the Marauder is a Ruger bolt action and the Daystate is a Anschutz Custom shop, not hugely more accurate but enough that you'll never mistake them. Marauder trigger is a 2 stage breaking at about 2 pounds, the Daystate a two stage breaking at 8 ozs. and soooooo smooth. Marauder was shooting .6 to .75 groups at 50 yards, Daystate .3 to .60 as it came off its tune (below optimal air pressure). I'll be moving the Marauder on and some one will get a nice rifle at a reasonable price. Fun afternoon all in all once I got the logistics worked out.

Yes indeed, Congratulations :giggle:

The cop that was first on the scene and disarmed was lucky. The jewelry store that was robbed was litterly around the corner from the station, maybe 300 feet. The alarm went off and he headed for the store. He looked in the window and thought nothing was amiss, just a couple of customers. He walked in, and the customers were the armed robbers. He never drew his weapon, and they took it from him. Same cop, and same place was robbed again, this time he drew his gun, but dropped it chasing the robber.

Don't like to speak bad of LEOs, but this guy probably shouldn't have been a cop. I worked for the city public works department at the time, so was familiar with the local cops including this one. Our PD was called in to assist a nearby community when there was a riot in the high school. He was at the public works dept afterwards talking about it. He took a swing with his nightstick at a rioter and missed. On the follow thru after the miss he struck a gal in the chops that was just trying to get out of the school knocking her cold. He was laughing about it as he told us about his "acomplishment".

Another time he arrested a friend of mine that was drunk and having too good of a time. Nothing real bad, just being drunk stupid. Apparently my friend said someting the cop didn't like. My friend ended up with about 4 or 5 charges against him including assulting the officer. Police report indicated that my friend was treated at the hospital for facial injuries while the cop was treated for hand injuries. In the end, all the charges against my friend were dropped.

This cop also liked to catch couples "making out" in their cars parked down by the beach at night as I knew numerous people that he caught. He would sneak up on the cars on foot with a flash light. He caught one of the public works guys one night that had worked the afternoon shift at PW that evening. There was quite a lightning storm coming over the Big Lake, putting on quite a show. The PW guy got out of work, got a cup of coffee, and parked at the beach to watch the lightning show. The PW guy said he never heard or saw the cop until he pressed his flashlight against the window and turned it on. PW guy said it was a really awkward conversation when he cop realized who he was. Another friend that had previosly been caught by this cop saw him by chance sneeking up on him in his review mirror. My friend decided he was'nt sticking around to get caught, so he put his truck in gear and took off. Looked up in his mirror to see that in his haste to depart he was spraying the cop with beach sand.

It was fairly well known to the younger folks in town that this cop liked to catch those "parking" at the beach, and most thought he was a perv. One of the first really nice spring days I personally witnessed him parked in a secluded, partially hidden spot at the beach. He had a pair of binoculars and was watching the beach a ways down towards the paking lot where some of the early bird sun bathing girls were catching a few rays. When I unexpectedly came around the corner in a public works truck, he threw the binoculars down on the floor and took off in the patrol car rather hurriedly. I doubt that in today's world he would be employed long as an LEO.
No red flags there....

55 and damp, showers are almost upon us. Rain, wind building throughout the day, high of 67 (early). High winds tonight and through the entire weekend along with the rain.

Good dinner with friends yesterday evening.

Rain has cancelled an event we were invited to for this evening at a local vineyard. Going to be pretty nasty weather wise, so not disappointed under the circumstances. May have dinner together anyway, somewhere dry.

I composed a poem for my wife for our anniversary. Feel free to steal it if it suits your relationship:

Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
I can't believe,
I'm still married to you...

Brought tears to her eyes.

Have a great TGIF.
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