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A stress-free place to gather and share whatever is on your mind! A fun place of mutual respect where you can hang your hat, vent, relax and shoot the bull for a while!

Happy Easter to all who celebrate that faith.

To all others, Happy Spring!

Easter symbolizes a new beginning, so it is fitting that TWH has a new beginning as well!
Along with RFC, TWH has been remodeled!

Actually, it can be anything you imagine it to be!

I am happy to announce that due to the increased bandwidth of the new RFC, there is no longer a need for the weekly closing and re-opening of TWH!!! After 10+ years of weekly "flipping" we now get to keep the doors open continuously! My sincere thanks to our moderators, especially Sophia, for making this possible!

I would also like to thank all the members who have kept this boat afloat for so long! We have become like family here, and now have a permanent residence! (y) While we have many long-time members who have been enjoying the company found in this amazing virtual bar, we also welcome all new folks. Jump right in! The first drink is always on the house and Veterans always have an open bar!
Al The Infidel (Tubby Slayer extraordinaire) is the bar manager.

So, let's get this re-opening celebration going! Set 'em up, Al! Drinks all around!!!
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He is Risen indeed...Resurrection and Life...Amen

Knocked out two Kidd trigger jobs yesterday afternoon, easy peasy, and a HUGE improvement over the factory Ruger triggers...one on the New LVT and the other on a Walnut stocked 22" barreled 10/22 that doesn't exist per the factory.
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Was that photo from this trip Don, good you got to hook up with them and maybe they'll stay a little while.
That's great, know ya'll are having a great time. (y)
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The old blue and the new blue look fine to me Wook, still gets me that some think its okay to limit other folks expressions, words best served in person come to mind. There's a lot said and done here that I've no use for but I believe others have a right to their own thoughts and actions.
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Good looking Pups, sure make me miss my Kate...

Nope Rhody, I'm not going anywhere, that was my rant over a couple of folks busting on Wookness over his blue posts, one in particular who seems to be negative about everything anyone else does. No not Al...😁

Good news is the Turkey hunt is on for Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning, plus some Carp removal from one of the two ponds on the Farm. I've not had a chance to hunt with my Nephew ever and stopping by his house with a 8 point buck's head and cape in the back of my truck is what started his desire to hunt. He's the President of a fair sizing Residential Management company which had made my Dad and now me a lot of money so its been hard for us to connect.

Nephew with a Turkey he took opening day at the Farm

His Dad, my BIL, with a little Bass from one of the Ponds

Farm hasn't been hunted nor ponds fished in over 5 years.
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Nice No New Tricks... (y)
Cold and windy this morning, slowly warming into the 60's thank goodness will be standing outside passing out food this afternoon. Glad that brought good memories and thoughts to you Wookness. I'll enjoy the trip no matter the game outcome. :)
Welcome new guy, liking the Orange Brent... (y)

Awake way too early this morning, Turkey hunting on the agenda this afternoon and tomorrow morning, major thing is spending time with the Nephew who never has any time to spare.
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Turkey hunting trip didn't result in slain birds although one Possum found out what a sleep aid a suppressed subsonic .22 lr is. Several Hen's supplied entertainment for me while waiting on their boyfriends, have a nice video of a Hen "dusting" herself, something I knew they did but had never witnessed. She hung around my decoys for a full hour before leaving, liked the idea of a live decoy but it didn't help. Nephew's farm is really nice property, 400 acres of mostly hardwoods and three small and one large pond, deer are abundant and here'd thinning will be taking place, including managed use of a depravation permit once crops are put in. Came home worn out and with several things needing to be done including taking a friends wife and their oldest son out to the range, fun afternoon but it hit 81º and I got hot and was ready to leave.

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Wife says I've got chauffeuring duties to catch up on which means waiting on the slowest woman in the world to get ready she started an hour and half ago and I'm still waiting. Guess a trip on my own out to the range is not going to work out, wanting to try out the Kidd triggers I installed and finally shot the Ruger/Kidd hybrid that got CPC'd. Oh well.
The price I pay for going hunting Wed/Thur.
Well I did get out to the club only to remember I'd removed my range box from the back of the truck, so had to try and make do with some of the worst slick covered sand bags and not enough of them so about all I learned was the trigger jobs are good. Oh well... Al sounds like your wife's friend is a lot like my wife.
Waiting on them here as well, but no guarantee they're actually coming today. Tracking says delivery today, but location update still in the next state over....

Of course, I signed up for "tracking updates" which means nothing. <sigh>
Fedex tracking is worthless, I absolutely despise that company but a lot of vendors use them...:mad:


Permitren proved its worth in the Turkey blinds, numerous skeeters were hovering inside the blind but won't come near me, a couple of ticks were seen in there too but moving away. I love that stuff.
WD40 is mainly mineral spirits. I wouldn't put it on my skin daily. Applying heat would probably do the same thing.
I'd do some research and find a safer alternative.

After motorcycle, bicycle. steering wheel gripping and work my hand now give me trouble at times. Heat so far seems to be the best for immediate relief when an episode hits me. I say episode because the pain is real and my hands contort like some special effect BS. Sometimes it is one or the other. When they both hit at once the real fun begins.
Thanks for the link and video Mike, my hand cramp a lot at night especially after working with them including shooting, the cramps can pull them into some pretty grotesque shapes at times and are VERY painful.
Leg cramps are at least partly due to my Statin I'm told
I usually have to get up and walk the cramps off.
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There were fewer entrants in the 28ga event at the Metroplitan because some of the entrants could not source any 28 ga ammunition to shoot! I'd like to see that change as well, but we ain't got there, yet. The club's present ammo is limited to sale for the members & their guests. Supplies are skinny and prices are significantly higher... for near everything. Spending a hunnert happens all too quickly, in the moment.
Found a shop about an hour away with a selection of 28 ga for both target and game at so-so prices , but he advised he always has it being a 28ga aficionado himself. Cheaper than what I'd gotten online.

Brother in Law has been on Celebrex for a long time, near cripple with out it, he's able to be fairly active with it.
Back to the range with 3 10/22's, the LVT did well, the 22" Walnut stocked did pretty good and the Kidd barreled, CPC'd puked all over the place...oh well.
Now I see why big pike like orange wobble lures COW. :)

I'm trying real hard but nothing's happening. :rolleyes:

Some of the quotes didn't stick for me. grrr!

So what do you think whats up with the CPU'd one Gerald?

Nuther short nite @ 27º and trying to be a whiteout. Big nap coming after lunch... with phones turned off woman!
At this point not a clue, thinking I know why the rifle with this barrel was for sale so cheap though, I sent the barreled action off to Randy at CPC, installed it in its current stock then promptly forgot about it until recently and decided to take it to the range with the other 10/22's. So far its the worst shooting 10/22 I've every owned.

and as it is now...

I'm open to suggestions.
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Sure looked better dressed in black & silver IMO. Was it tested by Randy or whomever in the B&S?
No testing in the black stock, barreled action only sent to Randy, doubtful he test fired it.
Easy peasy. Just send it on out to me, I'll check it out for you for a few years and will let you know if I find anything. No charge to yourself, of course , except for shipping .
Let me think about that....

No... 😁
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