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A stress-free place to gather and share whatever is on your mind! A fun place of mutual respect where you can hang your hat, vent, relax and shoot the bull for a while!

Happy Easter to all who celebrate that faith.

To all others, Happy Spring!

Easter symbolizes a new beginning, so it is fitting that TWH has a new beginning as well!
Along with RFC, TWH has been remodeled!

Actually, it can be anything you imagine it to be!

I am happy to announce that due to the increased bandwidth of the new RFC, there is no longer a need for the weekly closing and re-opening of TWH!!! After 10+ years of weekly "flipping" we now get to keep the doors open continuously! My sincere thanks to our moderators, especially Sophia, for making this possible!

I would also like to thank all the members who have kept this boat afloat for so long! We have become like family here, and now have a permanent residence! (y) While we have many long-time members who have been enjoying the company found in this amazing virtual bar, we also welcome all new folks. Jump right in! The first drink is always on the house and Veterans always have an open bar!
Al The Infidel (Tubby Slayer extraordinaire) is the bar manager.

So, let's get this re-opening celebration going! Set 'em up, Al! Drinks all around!!!
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We cleared several sections of trails of downed trees this morning. The local club bought a Rokon back in February from proceeds of local races.
I have bike envy big time after seeing it action. Maybe I’ll get to tool around on it one day if I keep on volunteering. Have several sections yet to go still.
It's fun to watch people ride a Rokon. Not so much fun to ride one yourself. Wait for them to turn the handlebars and hit the gas and watch them go flying off on their head. I knew a guy when I lived in Fairbanks that bought one and went riding out to a cabin with some friends that were on 4-wheelers. They all made it there in a couple hours. It took him four and he was a filthy mess from falling off so many times.
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It's raining...

In spite of it all, we made it down to the south park for a trial run with the latest camera.
I like it well enough... (288 pics today)
Few tweaks and I'll be good to go.

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If they both are doing water landings the Beaver better get its wheels up.
48 degrees here. A big band of rain is almost here, am looking for it in an hour of so.

NOT a good day to wash the cars...

Just got word that Wally's has my mock girl scout cookies in stock.
I'll have to go czech them out, (Less than $1.50 per package vs $5.00 from girl scouts)

Life in the great PNW...
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Nice pic, but I gotta laugh. Instead of the "Blue Bird of Happiness", that one looks like the "Blue Bird of Pissedoffedness." 🤣
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So I guess my name is now a code word for stupid question.
Could be worse. It could be "Azz Target." 😜
Sometimes, he sets you up with a big softball that nobody can resist. When he does that it looks like his name should be spelled ”EzTarget”.

I just hope he doesn't take the posts too seriously. He seems like a nice guy.
I sure wish things that blocked pain didn't want to destroy organs.
Have you tried curcumin supplements? They work well for me. Make sure you get one that has black pepper (piperine) in it. It helps the body absorb the curcumin.
I shoot birds because they're handy and plentiful, but I really like to shoot stuff.
I just came up with a great idea. Gun cameras for shotguns! You could shoot 'em twice at the same time!
It’s what millennials call “a toxic work environment “ . A phrase big corporations hate to hear.
In my experience, a "toxic work environment" is a byproduct of more people than the available work can keep busy and politics/gameplaying being allowed to fill the void. It used to be the game players would get fired, but its almost impossible to fire someone these days, so the good people quit instead. :alien:
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