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the ultimate 10/22 ??

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Hello - I have been looking at your forum site for a few months now and have enjoyed your very interesting views and ideas in what must be the best and must informative site there is on the Ruger 10/22.

I have built a number of 10/22 variations over the last couple of years based mainly around the Volquartsen types. But the main reason for posting is that I wanted to share my latest project with you.
The 10/22 I have just finished is based around the stainless MOA corp reciever which has been threaded to take a Shilen barrel again threaded into the reciever, rather than the regular clamp.
The bolt has been modified by chamfering the rear end and lightly machined on the underside to ensure a smooth action.To complete the action I have added an extended bolt handle and a titanium extractor claw. I have put in an STI drop in trigger unit which enables me to adjust for trigger pull, reach, over travel and let off, this includes an extened mag release. The whole unit I have bedded into a Zero Shark stock and placed a Leupold 6.5 - 20 x 40 EFR scope on top with leupold single piece mounts.

Off to the range tomorrow to see if all is ok !!

will post some pics soon
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