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Welcome to SuperStock.

I'm a little unclear too. If you want to use the .920 barrel here that is not going to work. Largest muzzle diameter is .750 or what is called a heavy sporter, Heavy Taper or Varmint depending on who is making it

As for your "beater I looks to me like that barrel is not that bad. A little oil and a piece of steel wool will get rid of most of the rust.

The beat looking trigger is easy to fix.

You can either get an aftermarket barrel like a Green Mountain Heavy Taper or have Que or CPC rework one of your stock barrels. Reworked factory barrels shoot very well because Ruger makes a great barrel then they mess it up with a sloppy chamber. BUT Ruger also makes some surprising good barrels at times So I would test them first before spending any money.

Give that a think and we will go from there.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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