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THE SS REEF (pic heavy)

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Hi Everybody!

Well I've caught the SS bug. plus y'all are just more friendly down here! but im watching for pirates!? :2ar15smil

I've been reading a ton from this section, LOVING the guns and the generosity down here. Also read there's a tradition of making your own thread for your projects so... HOLD ON, IM GOING TO RAMBLE.

so just a little about me. been shooting regularly since I was 18 (am 24 now), parents didnt like guns, my uncles taught me how to shoot as a kid, first gun I ever shot was a 10/22. first gun I owned was a off-brand 12ga, then a 10/22 shortly there after.

discovered RFC late last year. cant keep a 10/22 configured the same for more than a few weeks ever since.

my first project was a tactical build, I know... I know... but they do look COOL.

first then

then turned it into an ultimate... had the angel stock so bought a beater 10/22 and played dress up with her

Now im ready to make a cool AND beautiful rifle.
I'm trading my Archangel stock for 2 DSP stocks. so im starting with the beater again.

and she does show her age, (1989)

I have a DSP on the way (hopefully)
The bolt has been Que'd
Tier 3 Brimstone trigger, I may upgrade to the tier 2, If Dave will let me just pay the dif. Also want to paint the trigger, or do something to fix it up.
I have the newer factory barrel from my ultimate, should I take off the rusty one?

I've kind of already tried and its very tight as in not budging (with what I have in the apartment) and I have none of the proper tools, barrel pusher, vice, etc.
My friends have a workshop with common metal working stuff I can use.
Should I just get a sporter barrel? What kind? I DO have a budget, I only spent $100 on my GM for my 'ultimate' soo I'd like to be around there for this. ALSO the GF thinks both my ultimate (which IS heavy) and my tactical were too heavy for her to shoot for anything more than a magazine or 2 so weight is a concern.

Thanks for the welcome I've already recieved and I hope to contribute to your already amazing section.

Anyway all questions, comments, concerns, criticisms AND ADVICE will gladly be accepted here, especially the advice, the criticisms also may be kindly filed away under 'dont care'. :D
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Hey, reefer! Is the rifle you have in hand the one you have pictured? Are there two rifles? If so, are you doing just one SS build? Bear with me, I'm havin' trouble gettin' it all straight in my poor ol' pointy head :) . RH

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Welcome to SuperStock.

I'm a little unclear too. If you want to use the .920 barrel here that is not going to work. Largest muzzle diameter is .750 or what is called a heavy sporter, Heavy Taper or Varmint depending on who is making it

As for your "beater I looks to me like that barrel is not that bad. A little oil and a piece of steel wool will get rid of most of the rust.

The beat looking trigger is easy to fix.

You can either get an aftermarket barrel like a Green Mountain Heavy Taper or have Que or CPC rework one of your stock barrels. Reworked factory barrels shoot very well because Ruger makes a great barrel then they mess it up with a sloppy chamber. BUT Ruger also makes some surprising good barrels at times So I would test them first before spending any money.

Give that a think and we will go from there.

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ooops yeah I guess my ramblings are a little unclear! who knew.

The Ultimate is staying that way... Its my target/bench gun, spent too much on it to want to change it.

The beater is going to be the SS. So only one... for now... the second DSP stock may just motivate another build sooner than expected/budgeted for.

as for the barrels, I need to get them to the range for some testing. I know my newer barrel shot surprisingly well. and Ole rusty isnt TOO bad either. Ill have to actually test at specific distances. instead of my usual plinking clays.

@Griz sorry, edit'd. re-read the rules. sorry to let that slip, I'm just so excited about this project!
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