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**** the SIG Mosquito is similar to the p22!

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Here is one for us to chew on:


or more directly:


I think the darn thing looks like 90% p22! SIG has a nice touch in sending out a target along with the pistol, probably from a mechanical rest, so you know what the gun is capable of.

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GonzoP22-1 said:
Yup. The hammer strut, because of the tortional angle where it attaches behind the axis of pivot has a force multiplying effect as the strut gets to the "full cock" position. That is, the angles are such that the hammer increases its advantage vis a viz the hammer spring the further back it is cocked. This makes for better triggers, but allows a stronger spring to ensure reliable firing. The spring's power with respect to the hammer increases during the "fall" so that the hammer is seriously accellerating during the "locktime." I'm a BIG fan of that approach, which you'll find in the Mark II as well, and now in the Sig. The spring set up like on the P22 is less frequently seen.

Did you notice how SHORT and small the rails are on the Mosquito?

Look at this:

the p99 has short rails too. kinda made me think it was a problem. But it is alot stronger steel than the p22. No problems w/ mine.
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