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The joys of rural property ownership...

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I bought another 30 acres right down the road from where we live last summer. It's in land use, so taxes are nothing.
A beautiful piece of land with a small trout stream. My dream to have.
I month after I buy it, the old fart next door that has a 17 acre contiguous tract next to mine, calls to let me know he's clear cutting the 17 acres. Initially I'm like WXF??

I express my serious concerns since most properties up here in Maine only have a meets and bounds deed.

The big oak tree over by the small pile of rocks, down the hill to the creek bank...that kind. Absolutely worthless.
This is the type of deed shared by both properties.

I send him a certified letter with my concerns, he won't accept it.
He calls and says he's having his daughter and son in law using a phone app to delineate the property lines. I still have serious doubts

SO now the battle begins. Timber trucks going by at 6am pulling the jake brake acting like a retard. Of course my Presa's react on a hair trigger, and go ape sxxx!

Temperatures rising and the possibility for a real conflict is rising also.

FYI, timber up here is BIG business. Someone cuts a bunch of your standing timber, and you're talking thousands, probably tens of thousands of dollars of pinched timber.

My lot is entirely forested with mature and soft and hardwood.
Had to call Maine Forestry Service, have a ranger come out, inspect the job-site and open a complaint.

Meantime I'm paying a surveyor $6K to survey the entire property perimeter. Had to be done eventually anyway.
The sooner you get on and record illegally cut timber stumpage for evidence the better for evidence.

The story continues....
Will update.

Maine Guy
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I guess there’s no escaping a holes. Is that even allowed? Totally clear cutting 17 acres?
A clear cut actually promotes more wildlife than 100% deep forest. You dont have to plant anything! Once cut, it can be allowed to regrow. Or used for hay. Or wait for it ,,,, drum roll- build a house. The last one, really hurts. With a planet with 7 bilion people and growing exponentially, what can we expect? Oh, wait, I just checked 8 billion.
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It may be in some places, but I've never heard that. The south chest cuts thousands and thousands of acres of plantation pines every year.
Seriously, we are talking about cutting less then 20 acres like it was the end of the world. I can kinda guess who the city folk and country folk when reading this. And there is nothing wrong with living or born in a city. it is just a different culture.

It is also kind of a myth the rural folks all get along and all get together and sing kumbaya with a big group hug at the end.
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I guess if it's not next to your land it's no big deal.......easy to pooh pooh the problem when it's not your problem.

But if it impacts your property values and quality of life.........things are different.
It is nothin. My neighbors could clear cut or plant to thier hearts content. Like I said, it when they start development the land is changed. There is a zero impact event for any REASONABLE person. So dont tell me what would bother me. This is not one.

As for the boundary in a normal situation the two land owners would walk the line. Or else do a survey which is always a good idea. And it is being done. End of that problem. Bowing off steam becasue a guy is cutting trees is pretty awful.
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I guess if it's not next to your land it's no big deal.......easy to pooh pooh the problem when it's not your problem.

But if it impacts your property values and quality of life.........things are different.
You see what YOU wrote about ME? Now you are singing different tune. I agree, what othe people think is not my business. Then tell me why are we running this whole long bashing thread about who cuts trees on thier own land? Seventeen acres, not 2000 acres! it a house lot.

If we were talking 1000 year old redwoods, I might shed a tear. For real. Not for this.
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Ok. point well taken. Actually I did take it personal. That is the web.

I dont see the harm, but - there we can disagree. Or the OP and me can disagree. And hopefully disagree without making it personal or having to parse out every sentence word by word. I disagree. Simple.
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Oh, boy. I may have just gone and just did a bad thing. I added a paragraph after your 'liked' me.

I am almost embarrassed at this point, to get this emotional about some else's non gun issue.
At least they had aerial photos showing what items were on which property.

Most counties do have that ability. Some are very sophisticated.
They use Google earth. Satelite images. I am not an insider to know if towns get higher resolution than I do or if it cost anything. I can see pretty much all I need as far as buildings or snooping. I think the towns can see boat/auto size stuff clearly. Swimming pools real easy to spot even with the free version.
Reading comprehension. It's important. The entire point the OP was writing about was having to have his property surveyed to keep his slob druggie neighbor, who is having his 17 acres clearcut, from straying across the property boundary and cutting the OP's trees. It had nothing to do with complaining about tree cutting.
That is not very nice. Anyway I read it.

I will say no more.
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