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The Inevitable Occurs…..

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Well, it had to happen eventually; look like it’s finally price increase time! This was totally unplanned until I went to order a batch of extractors yesterday… SURPRISE! A serious-ouch (to me) increase was in store! The costs of other stuff (Buffer material, wrenches, postage, packaging, labeling and shipping materials, tooling, bluing chemicals, etc. ,etc. ,etc.) have all edged their way up a little at a time, but I just absorbed the “little” increases because I didn’t feel that they warranted a rise in retail pricing…. until today. It has all finally stacked up!
$1.00 on individual items will be the price raise “across the board”. That may seem like a lot, and it is. Believe me I know; that’s what I’ve just “absorbed” myself over the last year and a half or so. But remember that these prices all INCLUDE SHIPPING COSTS. An average order costs me $1.49 to package and ship without considering time and labor. Even 1 Buffer costs $1.12 to package and ship. I feel that this increase should balance out well overall, while still keeping shipping free, and representing a very good value. Don’t worry if you’ve got an order in the mail, I’ll still honor the old pricing on anything on it’s way here postmarked by today (03/06/03) or earlier. And that’s the way it is….. *Sigh* :rolleyes:
Take Care - Dakotan
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I'm with McCoy... Better that you're annoucing a price increase than annoucing a "going out of business" sale :D
I'll have to pay the extra buck for a buffer... so be it.
Expect an order from me in the near future.
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