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The Acid Test is Near

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Well,I got an Anschutz 54 action,Weaver T36,Stith stock and a really stout Shilen barrel.Hopefully it will be ready tomorrow so's I can test it.I am putting a #7 contour on it.I wanted something different than a straight bull.I still have a .920 Douglas to fall back on.This stuff takes times.If the accuracy suits me I'll probably get a Hoehn or Fudd tuner.I'm due some good luck.Maybe it will happen with this one.I shot my 1416DL at 25 and 50 yards in the May Email Matches.It did well for a skinny stock and Douglas .920 barrel.Anticipation is building.Wish me luck Forester.Yikes!!
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Good luck with that rifle. You won't know how good it shoots until you take it to the range. When you get it up and running there are several clubs that shoot IR50/50 or RBA in your area. You may want to check them out. Lots of good people and a wealth of information to be shared. On second thought, forget that idea, you shoot too well now.:)

Keep the faith Mike! It's going to be a winner...but if you have doubts, send it to me...that's the kind of sporter I want. A good test to see if it's a shooter is to close your eyes before pulling the trigger. If all the shots aren't X's...it's no good. I'll send my address to you.:p ;)

Let us know how it shoots.

Hey Mike,
Sounds like your gonna have a winner there with a whole truckload of 250s in it!

Never mind 'bout Hillbilly, he offered to send me his Suhl and then changed his mind....... Can you believe the nerve of some people? Sheesh!:D

I (????):confused:.... changed my mind? Who said he didn't like the white stripes? Hmmmmm. You're darn right I'm keepin it...stripes and all.:D :p :D

Pinball, don't even think about making a judgment on it until you put at least 500 rounds through the barrel. New rimfire barrels need a lot of shooting IMHO. I'm sure it will shoot, though, with the right ammo.

Good Luck!
Sounds like a great rifle...On a side note...who put the barrel on the 1416?
The rifle is in limbo until some more stock work is done.Hopefully before much longer.
Educator,my friend M.L.Spencer(gunsmith) did the barrel work on both my Anschutz rifles.His email is below.

[email protected]
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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