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Thanks Brookie

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Got Brookie's kit and installed the middle spring (1.5-1.75 lb) on my CZ American. Was going to install the spacer to reduce creep, but decided to test the light trigger first. Wow! And the creep seems to have disappeared or else my trigger finger is too insensitive to detect it with the light trigger.

Went to the range (indoors) and shot three 25 yard USBR targets, scoring 243-5x, 248-6x, and 248-7x. The 248s are 10 points above what that rifle has ever done in the past. Don't know why a light trigger helps, but I'm a believer now.

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Same thing happened to me. I didn't bother with the sleeve as the creep is not noticeable now. It helped my scores too, except I had quite a ways to go to make it to 248. But last month I did make it to 249 with my varmint. I am sure he has heard it before but a guy never really gets to tired of hearing praise. Thanks Brookie!!
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