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model 47

Ralfus-the model 47 was essentially a single shot version of the model 69A, but unlike the 69 series, had an automatic safety, making it more advanced and theoretically safer than the 67 and 68 single shots. Winchester's advertising emphasized the auto safety feature as appealing to the "parents of younger shooters." This was, of course, during the era when the assumption was that all families were headed by two parents.
The 47 was made from 1949 to 1955 with a total production of a little over 43K. Bolts, safeties, and triggers were chrome plated, but not the trigger guard. The 1955 Win. catalog lists two variations: the 47 with a peep receiver sight (#80A) and the #97 bead front on a forged ramp for $24.25. The 47 with the #75 bead front and #32B rear was $22.05. The latter were not tapped for the receiver sight. The primary production change came in 1950 when the smooth, plain trigger was serrated and thinned. With such limited production, the 47 is a fairly scarce model today. Hope this helps. -Asa
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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