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Taurus Tang Sight

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Finally got my hands on a Taurus Tang sight but it seems to short. I mounted it with one screw for now to see how it fits and sights in but it seems to short on my taurus 62 pump. I looked at the Taurus web site and they do actually sell two different models for a M62 and M63. so I may have one for a M63. After looking at pictures of a M63 the drop on the stock may not be as much as the M62. So I may be looking to sell this one or trade unless I can adapt a taller sight post?
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The two models are the same-- only the screw sets are different. The sight should fit . . .

Have you adjusted the the elevation? Is your front sight "stock"?

If you want to sell it, you can get MORE than MSRP-- many guys on the Henry forum are always looking for one.

I have this tang sight on my Rossi 62SA and it works great. Also have it on my Rossi M92 (357) and again it works fine-- as it does on two different Henry lever guns.
Sorry that I can't help much besides post a pic of my setup. I did some (very) preliminary shooting and the correct elevation is well within the adjustment range of the tang sight. Good luck. :confused:

Edit: BTW I've looked into replacing the front sight blade in case you're interested in going down that route. The only options for the metric-dovetailed Taurus & Rossi 62's are the X-S front blade ($33 + $7 shipping) and the stock Taurus front blade for ($2.50 + $5 shipping), as far as I know.
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My front sight is stock and I have adjusted the tang sight to the max height and its still not tall enough to shoot 100yards. I have also taken the sight apart and inspected it and there is no problems in height adjustment, there is just not enough of it or it was not intended to shoot that far with this sight.
This sight did come with two short screws so it is definitly not for the model 62, the model 63 pictures I seen looks like the stock has less of a drop than the Model 62. My 62 has a bolt that pushes back and sets the hammer so the tang sight has to sit back and lower on the stock to use the mounting screw.
Wow, 100 yds, I didn't try mine at anywhere near that distance. That could be a factor.
So I may be looking to sell this one or trade unless I can adapt a taller sight post?
If I understand the issue correctly, how about just shortening the front sight blade? Just buy a spare from Taurus and go at it with a file. :)

Two short screws, that does sound a bit odd. My LGS ended up using a different screw in one of the mounting holes for mine but I can't recall which exactly. :confused: I know that the longer of the two tang screws I have is pretty darn near too short for sufficient thread engagement on the bottom tang.

What is the length of each of the screws? I can take a closer look at mine tomorrow afternoon and give you a better idea of my configuration.

Here is a pic of the Taurus Tang sight fully extended and the screws that came with it as well as the rifle I am trying to put it on. I usually always shoot my 22lr rifles at 100yds and my 22lr pistols at 50yds I recently got a 22magnum and started shooting 200yds with it. I was planning on leaving the stock iron sight on the gun and sighting it in for 50yds and then putting the tang sight on and sighting it for 100yds. That way with the tang sight down I can shoot as regular iron sights and with the tang sight up I can shoot distance out to 100yds looking over the Iron sights since you have to sight higher for distance. I just cannot get sighted in for 100yds with the Taurus Tang sight
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Well I went out and took the Taurus 62 out again with the Taurus Tang sight put on with just the one screw. At 50 yds the tang sight is OK but its to close to use a Tang sight and the feild of view at that range is very small and very difficult to see the impact and using the Iron sights at 50 yds is much better. I still cannot get enough height out of the Taurus Tang sight to make a 100 yds acurate. Also noticed that it gets in the way when you pump the action on this rifle so I decided to just leave it off and try to find something else to do with the sight or sell it off.
Taurus sight on my Rossi 62

No pictures handy but I bought a Taurus sight a while back (forgot that my rifle was a Rossi) I am not sure whether the original Winchester 62 has two holes, but the Rossi tang has only one hole. Had to have a gunsmith install the sight. As to the height: I found the problem was the open sights. They got in the way of the front sight, so I just drifted the sights off the rifle. Now I have an unobstructed tang/front sight view.
Hi STEELWIMP, when you had the gun smith put the TAURUS Tang sight on, did you use the existing screw hole and drill and tap a second, or did they D&T two new screw holes. Reason I ask is if I use the one existing screw hole and D&T the second, the sight mounts to far down the stock, but if I were to D&T two new holes and place the sight as far up the stock as posible the sight would have enough height to work but I do not want to D&T two separate holes. I decided to get a Bullseye rear sight from Midway instead because when I had the Taurus Tang sight temporaily mounted with one screw I had trouble pumping the rifle while gripping the stock with the tang sight in the way. Not sure what to do with the TAURUS Tang sight now, its in new looking condition and I know it will definitly not work on my Henry GB 22lr or GB 22mag.
Quick and Dirty pic of Taurus Sight on Rossi

Here is a quick pic of Taurus sight on Rossi. I do not believe that the gunsmith drilled two holes, only one. Note that the lower screw of the sight is at the rear of the tang. When I shoot the rifle with the tang raised, I do not recall any discomfort.
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Some more pics Taurus tang on Rossi 62

Trying to improve my Photobucket skills! This is my Rossi 62 with Taurus tang sight. To get a clear rear to front sight view, I drifted out the rear open sight. Does anyone know what size blank I can drift into the empty slot left by removing the rear sight.
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Now that I see close up pictures of your sight, I can see there is a difference in them. My pictures of the Taurus Tang sight is fully extended and if you look at the threads, the last 1/4 inch is not threaded but on yours the last 1/2 is not threaded, this makes me beleive you have at least 1/4 inch more height than I do.
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