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Taurus or Ruger

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Which one is going to be better for all around use target, plinking, hunting, pest control. The tracker 22 or 22Mag look great, but would a 5.5 ruger MKII bull work better.
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From my experience the Ruger MKII is one of the most accurate handguns available for the price.
I agree, The Ruger is the better of the two but not by much. I would choose the Tarus though unless I could get a used Ruger. I refuse to by new Rugers because they sold us down the river with the high cap mag pre ban.
If you want one, why not look for a used one and tell Ruger about it. Not that they will give a ****.
I have both, I love both. However 98% of the time I take the Ruger out to play.
Nodak,I would go for the Ruger Mk11 bull barrel.
Another suggestion would be the Ruger Govt.Target model with the 6-7/8" bull bbl. I started target shooting with this gun & it served me very well.

Safe shooting,keep 'em in the black. Rod.
I'm with the rest of you.

I shoot a Ruger Mark II w/bull barrel and it's quite accurate. I've shot other 22 pistols and the closest comparison gun I've fired was a 22 High Standard. I still like the Mark II better by far. It's reliable and accurate.

Darris C.
Both guns are good quality firearms. So it really comes down to functionality and personal choice.

Which action appeals to you the most? If you really like revolvers the Taurus Tracker is by all reports a good choice.
If you like Autos the Ruger probably has the best reputaion on the planet.

What about the feel of the grips? If one feels akward or "off" to your hands, you'll never really be happy with it.

Do you plan on doing anything specific with the gun such as competing in any specific events? That may have an impact on your choice.

Do you have kids that you are going to want to use this gun to teach with? The Taurus grip may be too large for smaller hands, the Rugers grip seems a little smaller to me.

If all else fails, orbit a monitary exchange unit.
I had a slab side for a couple of years but needed money and sold to my dad. He likes it so much he won't part with it for any reason son I'm looking for a good replacement thats not so much $. I like the idea of putting on a red dot site for my eyes are not as good as they used to be and they help. So would the Buckmark work better because of the rail. I just sold my pool stick and there a show this weekend and I need to get some ideas.

By the way THANKS for all the help with the ideas
on everything, I just about have my 10/22 done.
Just have to put in the extractor and hammer


I have had a 5 1/2" bull barrel for 15 years and it looks like crap now-a-days from being carried and used, but that gun will still shoot better than most people can hold it.
The last time I shot it at 50 meters off of a bench and pistol rest, I was keeping the shots in a 1 1/2" group for the most part with many groups going well under an inch. this was with inexpensive ammo. May have to see what it would do with Tenex! lol


Get the Ruger, I have a MK II Stainless with 5.5 Bull Barrel and Volquartsen Target Grips. It is extremely accurate out to 50 yards.

Tracker vs. Ruger Mk II 5.5 bull

I have both, love both. Tracker is WMR and used mainly for sport shooting. Will probably add a scope after trigger job is completed. Ruger is primarily for paper punching. May add a reflex red dot, maybe not... not a lot of difference between them for accuracy, both are great.:)

My 14 year old daughter loves the Ruger and does not like the Taurus. It feels barrel heavy to her.
It kind of depends on what you like to do when plinking. If you like to rip through a magazine as quick as possible get the Ruger. If you want something a little more deliberate get the Taurus. As super reliable the Rugers are I've never seen a wheel gun "jam". Something else to think about is cleaning. Rugers are a pain in the @#$ to take apart and put together. I haven't taken mine apart in a year I just clean what I can reach with Q-tips. I have a Ruger MkII and a Single Six I always bring one or the other when I shoot. I've fired one of the new High Standards, they are really nice. Good shooter, super easy to take apart (push the button) and my friend's has never jammed on him.
You my want to consider...

...the weight factor of the bull-bbl. The target models with the longer tapered bbls. are lighter to carry and offer a greater sight radius.Generally speaking, pistols will offer greater accuracy than a wheelgun in .22. My favorite Rugers are still the 4" models. :cool: :t
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