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Tasco Warranty, What's The Truth?

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Alot of people have told me that bushnell will not warranty some tasco products. Well I've asked around and got a few people that say they will. Here is a copy of an email.

Thanks for your interest in our products! Bushnell will honor all Tasco
warranties - we know it and we have tested it! If you ever have a problem
with Tasco bought from us, just let us know!


Just thought i'd share this with anyone who owns a Tasco scope.
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Tasco Warranty = NONE


Tasco went bankrupt in mid 2002 and ceased all operations; their "name" was purchased by Bushnell in the early summer of 2002 for use on scopes manufactured or marketed by Bushnell. Bushnell will NOT honor the 'old' Tasco warranties.
Pg. 2 - Bushnell Acquires Tasco:

Previous Tasco ownership has made arrangements for consumer product repairs to be handled through ABO (USA), Inc.
For questions or further information about Tasco product
repairs, please contact ABO (USA), Inc. at 305-860-4858.[Bushnell]
'Old' Tasco scopes / binoculars: There is NO Warranty...! ! :eek:

Reference source:

'New' Tasco scopes / binoculars*: Warranty by Bushnell....! ! :)
[*Manufactured by / for Bushnell]

What you maybe hearing is a dealer/distributorship warranty policy: they will replace 'Old' Tasco products 'free' until the supply is exhausted......? ? :confused:

I don't know how many times I have Posted this same information......! ! :rolleyes:
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Yes I know you've posted this a million times and i've read it elsewhere. The reasons i'm posting this is because this disributor ( opticsplanet ) is saying that none of their customers have paid for repair/replacment. I'm just relaying the info i've gotten. You may be right, i'm just trying to get to the bottom of this so i know what's going on.


Well, get their "Tasco Warranty Policy" in writing on their letter head, and then order from them.....! ! ;)

If you have a problem with your Tasco purchased from them, they will ask you to return it with some nominal fee for S&H....! ! They, it turn, will throw your Tasco scope in the trash, and send you another one just like it, maybe with the same problem...! ! ;) They will do this until you give up, or they run-out of Tasco scopes....! ! ;)

Good Luck....! ! ;)

Mike you are funny. I have a questions for you. Would a bushnell scope be any better then a tasco is the same price rage?

I believe you are correct after a recent email i recieved from opticsplanet.com. They only carry the "new" models of scopes after Bushnell took over (so they say). Which mean every Tasco scope on their site would carry a full warranty.

Would you happen to know if the scopes continued to be made in china after bushnell took over? Or did they start making them somewhere else?
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