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Tasco or Trashco?

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I just bought a used Tasco 6-24X44 target scope(TG624X44DS). I've already got a Weaver V-16 that I'm going to use on a 10/22 I'm building up, but I thought this might be a decent scope for a .17 varmint rifle and the price was good. I haven't mounted it, but the optics seem clear at all magnification powers and all adjustments seem smooth. The only problem I can see so far is that the junky rubber "All Weather" finish is flaking off, and I'm helping it along with some acetone:) I wanted to know if anyone has had any experience with this model or any models from the Tasco target line. I know from some posts I've read in the past that Tasco has made alot of junk and also a few good models - I just don't know where this one falls. Here's a link I found to an online seller showing the same thing:


Any opinions?
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I have the identical scope that you purchased. I bought it about a year and a half ago and have had no problems with it.
The more I shoot the more confident I become, and the more my scores improve. By this I mean, if I do my part, my scope and gun do their part. I have had no problems with adjustments or the rubberized finish peeling off. I also shoot a Burris scope which is a very well made piece of equipment. The adjustments on the Burris seem to be much tighter than the ones on the Tasco, but at 3 times the price it should be a little better, don't you think? But all in all I really enjoy my Tasco and have a great time shooting with it. I hope you enjoy yours and much as I do mine.
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