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Targets and matches questions

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I printed off some USBR practice targets.

How would I get an idea of how well I would shoot the real target?
Is there any matches here for this practice target?

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I’m new at it but seriously think the way to find out just how you’d shoot a USBR target is to get some and try it. I bought 100 USBR targets from the guy listed in the “How to order official USBR 50 yard targets” link on here for all of $27.50 shipped, and they were here in about three days. They are a heavy paper target, very nice and far better than I can print off. So I just started shooting some with fairly good ammo. I haven’t done that well; it’s a learning process.

For example, I shot a USBR target where the last row showed a 10, 9, 10, 9 then a darned 7. I fired a five shot group with the same ammo, same rifle & rests immediately after that was 0.266” CTC. That shows just how different shooting the Green Monster is vs shooting groups, at least for me. I have a good rifle and am a pretty fair shot for groups, casual plinking, and on big game but the USBR 50 is a whole new thing. I need to work on how I shoot it with F & R bags, or spring for a mechanical front rest...then keep on learning.

I think if you spend the $27.50 you’ll find it a very reasonable deal. There are 25 & 50 yard monthly USBR matches in the CZ subforum here, but I don’t know of others.
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Place holder. It won't be until Sunday.

If I am not mistaken, you can use that target in the monthly CZ 50 yard


Copy and paste if that works or, as mentioned above, go to the CZ/BRNO forum and look for the July 50 yard match.

Also, as mentioned, you will get a better idea of how you actually score if you order some of the official USBR targets as you will get a cleaner hole to score. Once you look at some of the targets either there or on the 25 yard thread you will see how critical a neat hole is.
Copied from stubee #2 post

Check American Target and get 250 for about 40-42 bucks(on your back porch ie postage inc), split em w/ a buddy.
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