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buster100 said:
Actually Power Custom says in their printed info that they do NOT recommend using the LR hammer in a magnum (that say it can cause a multiple fire situation) But I have installed a few with no problem. I think they just are trying to protect themselves from a legal standpoint.
If it will happen, it will happen to me!! I put a Volquartsen in my 10/22 mag, the sear on my magnum didn't hardly have a notch in it at all, that was the problem, you can look and see if yours does, compare it to a lr, I too a sear from a 10/22lr and put in my magnum and no more problems. I think Volquartsen sells them together for the 10/22 magnum, but I would just check the sear first, I took a stone and removed whatever it was in the notch, paint, cast slag for something, it was like slag very soft and pitted, clean right up and looked like my 10/22 lr sear afterwards.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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