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Target Grey Finish change?

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Has anyone tried to remove their Ruger "Target Grey" finish from their gun? I've recently purchased a 20" Green Mountain SS barrel for my 77/17 VBBZ, and now I have a decision to make. Either I convert the GM barrel to "target grey", or I remove the "target grey" finish from the receiver/bolt. It looks to me as if the "target grey" finish is not a paint, but some type of "blued" finish, so removal may not be as easy as I thought. Thoughts?

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Not sure what the grey stuff actually is but you may have to get it bead (sand) blasted.

If the glass bead that is used is one of the finer grades a very satisfactory finish can be acheived with a good operator.
Make sure you diassemble and mask it up properly first though.
A proper wash down afterwards is also very important to remove the abrasive particles, it gets *everywhere*.

Cheers :t
When I converted my all-weather 77/22 to .17, I replaced the trigger guard assembly with the .22 Mag SS wich came in target grey. After someone's advice on this forum, I found it buffed off fairly easy with a cloth wheel and buffing rouge.HTH.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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