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Taking Coyotes with a 10/22

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I know it's not the preferred weapon for coyote hunting. Before anyone clobbers me for using one let me describe our conditions and see what ya'll think.

I'm from northern lower michigan and hunt deep in the cedar swamps with my brother (he uses a shotgun w/#3 buck). The typical range for shooting would be about 25-35yd max. I could take the .270 but would be in the same situation of having to "snap-shoot" and wouldnt want to sling a bunch of .270 rds due to the added cost and wear on my nice deer rifle.

If we hunt nite time we are limited to using .22lr and/or shotgun with light load like #6 or similar (no slug or buck allowed).

I've seen several coyote taken with .22's over the years but not yet had a shot with mine. I'd like to hear from any of you that have take coyote with a .22lr. Thanx!

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Varmastr, yep I was referring to your post on the stack of coyotes....but was just kidding. I cant imagine what it would be like to take that many coyote in an area (even if a big area). Seems with that many you definately have to trim the numbers back. I love this hunt and can see why it's growing/exploding in popularity.

Antlurz, thanx for the help with that explanation. Guess I've never heard the thing about the line up from the back of the front leg thing. I've always tucked the shot in as close to the shoulder joint as possible and try mostly for "high shoulder" shots. We're going back into the swamps again this week/weekend and give it another try :).

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